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Sunday, August 12, 2007

8 Random Facts About My Marriage

I was tagged by Gayle to reveal "8 random facts about my marriage."

I'm tempted to debate the "randomness" about my marriage depending on your leaning towards or away from Calvinism.

But I'll avoid the inevitable and get all random with anyone who cares to read about my marriage.

1. Despite the fact that my wife grew up disliking her red hair, it is now the cornerstone of our marriage. When her highlights start taking over, she purchases more red to fight back. I've always loved her red hair, even before I knew her. Like back when it was being worn by Laura in the 3rd grade or Sherry in 5th or the other Laura from my afternoons spent in Walnut Grove.

2. She's my Yin; I'm her Yang (or the other way around?). Figuratively, she's always saying "tomAHto," and i'm all about the "toMAYto." But after a few hours of the silent treatment and/or door-slamming, we always agree in time for dinner: "pepperOHni."

3. We love our date nights. We have a few different friends with whom we can swap babysitting, and that affords us the opportunity to save $ so we can go all out and buy movie tickets AND popcorn. Livin' la vida loca, for sure.

4. I sleep on the right side of the bed. Even in a hotel, we gravitate towards our traditional sides. Being blind as a bat without my contacts in, I generally need to sleep right by the clock so I can tell how little sleep I'm getting.

5. We've lived in 7 different homes in our 13 years of marriage. Four we have owned; 2 rentals homes, and 1 upstairs apartment. Somehow we own enough stuff to fill all of them...at the same time.

6. Our coffee table is for placing drinks, books, remote controls and, of course, toenail clippings. The living room seems to be the preferred location for trimming our children's nails, and the coffee table is where they are placed until the toenail fairy comes to exchange them for chocolates and sugarplums.

7. Before we dated, Cindy helped comfort me a little when my heart was all tore up over a finnicky girl in college. I worked it out to have friends suggest Cindy ask me out since I was broke that particular week. It was a phenomenal first date of dinner and square dancing (with the necessary western wear). Finnicky Girl must have heard what a schnazzy dancer I was, because she wanted to give it another try, but Cindy had already stolen my heart, so it wasn't a difficult decision at all.

8. We have the same taste in so many things, I often have to check my DNA to make sure I'm not really HER. We play this game where Cindy hands me a catalog and says, "guess what my favorite thing on this page is." I have a 99% accuracy rate, mainly because I always love the same things she does. Even at restaurants, I can be guaranteed she will like my meal better than hers because I actually order what we like, while she orders what's good for you. I generally happy to share, as long as she leaves me enough gravy to last the whole meal.

Now I'm tagging Mark to share his Random facts next.
But until he graces us with his list, you can check out my wife's random marriage.

Once Cyberinternetoblogoland runs out of people to tag, we'll have to start a round of internet lawn darts. I'll check on the rules.


Gayle said...

Yep, just confirms what I always thought. You guys are one wild and crazy couple! From pepOHroni to toenails, I knew this would be interesting.

David said...

I love #8. Haha.

Kimmie said...

Scott~Thanks for sharing- good to get more depth on you and Cindy.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, though I am not so sure about the toe nail clippings...are you saving them for a craft project or something?? (tiny rafts for the drinks on the table?)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*we have a 'list' number!

Mark said...

I liked your random facts. I might do the same thing on my blog. Cool Blue Beard by the way!

Scott said...

Mark, consider yourself tagged! Now you HAVE to write 8 incredibly random facts about your marriage.