"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ah. Feelings.

Feelings. That dreaded f-word.

If my wife wants me to leave her alone, all she has to do is say, "Let's talk about our FEELINGS," and I suddenly hear someone calling my name in the distance. I bolt from the room. "Sorry, Honey," I holler back in cloud of dust. "I think I hear Lassie barking in the next county. I better go and see if anyone needs pulled from a well." Then I invite her to go ahead and talk about our feelings without me, and I promise to try to make it back before the talk is over.

Inversely, if I want to make her the happiest woman alive, I can just use her same line, "Let's talk about our feelings."

But since I'm a guy, I don't have feelingS (plural). I have only one feeling: Hunger. So when we talk about our feelings, it really means that we're talking about her feelings and how those feelings make me feel...which is generally hungry.

However, for her sake, I will force myself to have at least one Lifetimetelevisionforwomen-worthy post a week, one that is transparent and vulnerable, sensitive and perhaps provocative. So if you're wondering what goes on inside the heart and mind of a 30-something father of four, stop back by on Friday. Heck, if I survive and it's a hit, I may even make it a habit: "Feelings Friday."

* * * * * *
Consequently, if even the thought of that triggers a pre-vomit watering in the back of your throat, steer clear of this address on Friday. Might I recommend visiting my friends Frank and Earl at their respective feelings-less blogs at http://www.shootinganimalsforfunblog.com/ or http://www.blogaboutinanetelevisionstuff.com/.


javamamma said...

Can't wait til Friday...

G.L.H. said...

Oh, you've got all the right words:

"transparent and vulnerable, sensitive and perhaps provocative."

So you were paying attention at that Marriage Conference.

We'll see how you do on Friday.

(oh, I'm so mean, treating you like my little brother...)

--Barbara (who is married to *the* most transparent, vulnerable, sensitive, and provocative man in the entire known universe)