"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Friday, August 17, 2007

Feelings Friday: My Fair Lady

I had a wonderful date with my oldest daughter last night.

First, all six of us went to the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. The American Idol tour was there, and Cindy had four tickets.

(pause for a moment and imagine these young stars singing on a stage with all the lights and a gazillion fans screaming...while only yards away a ginormous pig is lying on her side in the Pork Pavillion with 17 piglets fighting over teats. I love the fair.)

Fortunately, our oldest daughter ranks her daddy above Jordin, Blake, Melinda, Lakisha, Phil, Chris, Haley, Gina, Sanjaya and the other Chris. She actually WANTED to hang out at the fair with me and not see the stars.

So as the sun set, Cassie and I walked around the fair, ingesting fried cheese, ice cream and even tried the latest addition to the fried menu: Fried Pepsi. (essentially doughnut holes made with Pepsi instead of water.)

The two of us got to do whatever we wanted, eat whatever we wanted, ride whatever we wanted. We even rode the 50-cent trolley more than the permitted 1 lap around the fair. What rebels!

I loved this one-on-one time with Cassie. Reminded me of 11 years ago when I had tons of time alone with her...only better.


javamamma said...

Fried Pepsi sounds delicious to me!

David said...

Fried pepsi?! Weird.

Laane said...

Yea.. that's what I thought.
Fried Pepsi....

Great post. These events are so precious. Wonderful to remember.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I had to hop over here from Cindy's to understand what fried Pepsi was...
I love to hear of dads hanging out with their daughters!