"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Really Expensive Antiperspirant for Girls

Did you know that girls sweat? It's true; they do. Evidently, my wife has been using deodorant for years, so I never knew that females had sweat glands. I just assumed whatever glandular activity they had going on produced the sweet frangrance of sun-ripened raspberries, glazed pears or sugared kumquats.

Turns out that these smells are products of Bath & Body Works. The products of my daughters' armpits are quite different from those. Actually, they smell kind of like boys in a way.

I'm not writing this to embarrass girls or hurt anyone's feelings.

I'm writing to justify our purchase of a used pop-up camper with AIR CONDITIONING. The thought of being trapped with four sweaty little girls in a toaster on wheels just wasn't appealing.

I'm welcoming any suggestions of places to take my air-conditioned camper and its dry, unsmelly inhabitants. Been to some great destinations? Campgrounds? Tourist traps?


javamamma said...

Enjoy your new air conditioned, unsmelly camper...wherever you go.

bloomyjill said...

Go West, my friend! Crawford, Nebraska to Fort Robinson State Park. Ross would become a ranch hand there if I'd let him quit his day job! We miss it daily! You'd definitely need that air-conditioning this time of year! There's surprisingly a lot to do in the 50-mile radius. Lots of hiking and history. Plus, an awesome chuckwagon breakfast! ;-)

Gayle said...

Hmmm, I hear Washington State is the BEST place to camp! And I have a nice big driveway waiting for you guys!

javamamma said...

Reading the above comment... if you end up in Crawford, you BETTER bring your wife to see me.