"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spittin' Seeds at School

At some point we all have to let our children leave the nest. For a lot of parents, the first "testing of their wings" comes at kindergarten when kiddos head off to school weighed down by backpacks bigger than they are.

We've been homeschooling, though, so our children haven't had to mess with backpacks, lunchboxes, desks, bathroom lines, tornado drills and all things fun about school.

Until this year.

As our two oldest (3rd and 5th grades) headed off to school for the very first ever in their whole entire lives, I wondered if I should be more or less weepy than I would be if they were itty tiny kindergartners.

As a man, I generally opt for the less weepy of any two options, but sometimes I just can't help it. I cried at E.T. (the movie, not Entertainment Tonight) and sometimes at Hallmark commercials.

So when the kids started school yesterday, I really had to think through how I was going to respond to the event emotionally. I reminded myself of how fun school was for me, how I loved my elementary teachers and can still name all of them. I loved having my own desk and my own pencil and my own eraser. I loved the bulletin boards. I loved the chalkboards and the erasers. So I was beaming, knowing that now these girls and I would have yet another bond. I smiled all day long thinking about each new thing they must be experiencinig. No tears.

When we picked them up after school, my 3rd grader informed us that she spit watermelon seeds farther than any other girl...and was only beat by one boy.

Then I cried. I couldn't be prouder.
If you know Shelby (or even if you don't) and want to congratulate her on her spitting, leave a comment and I'll pass it on.
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javamamma said...

Hey, and it's not even 'Feelings Friday'. Great post...from the Daddy's point of view.

Our girls are just in their second year of public school, following roots in home schooling. A transition, but if it's God - it's totally a blessing!

Tracy said...

Way to go Shelby!! You do relize that is a great skill and it may come in handy someday, but as for now at least those other boys will stay clear of you. You go girl!! Tracy from Ohio!!