"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You're Very Welcome

(Contest Post)
Yes, indeed, I can hear your "thanks" echoing in my ears.

I know you have lives. I know you have schedules. There are soccer games, kids' homework, tai chi classes and that great American novel you're working on.

So, by not blogging for eons, I've saved you countless hours.

To satisfy my curiosity, I invite you to leave a quick comment telling me how you've used all that time I've saved you.

I'll dig around the back of my pencil drawer at work, and the person(s) demonstrating the best use of his/her/their time may be a winner. (I say "may," because the "winner" may also be considered a "loser" depending on what's at the back of that drawer.)

By the way, if you've missed me, I want to assure you that all is well. I've not been hospitalized or held for ransom or gnawing my arm off to get out of a bear trap. I'm doing just great.

And if you've not missed me in my absence, fake it. I'm very sensitive. Tell me what's the best thing you've done with the amount of time you would've spent reading my blog.

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Tracy said...

Well, honesty Scott, I always read Cindy's blog first and then I open yours. I try to keep up with both of you. It is good you are back in action. I guess the better questions is what are all the wonderful things you have gotten done by not keeping us entertain with your blogging??? (Did you do more on that "to do" list?) I guess I just spent all of that time pondering why is he not blogging? And then I probably moved onto some "Text Twist". Enjoy your day Happy blogging and welcome back. How was camping?

javamamma said...

I've spent my extra time in prayer and fasting that you drive your spectacular new camper over here to bring your wife and lovely girls to see me and my lovely girls. But it seems my prayers have not been answered....

Tim said...

Mostly, I've just been looking at the wall between hopeful refreshes of your blog homepage. Fortunately, we have an interesting stucco pattern, and I've drawn many deep, insightful and philosophical conclusions for the general betterment of mankind. Naturally, I rushed off to blog about them, but without your example to inspire me, I could never quite get the words out. I certainly don't mean to make you feel guilty or anything ... I can always stare at the other wall. :)

Liza's Eyeview said...

funny guy! I'm sure you were being a good dad in your absence in the bloggyland.