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Monday, October 15, 2007

daBlogi Code Revealed

This post contains the answers to the daBlogi Code, and I've hidden it here way in the past.

Clue # 1: In case you couldn't tell which of the paintings was the original Mona Lisa, it was Painting A.
So remember the Letter "A" as it will be critical for solving...the daBlogi Code.

Clue # 2:
The "mysterious" letters you saw? "W." There is a "W" in the solution.

Clue # 3: There's an extraneous "E" in "typoEs," and a missing "S" in "misSpelled." (Oh, I'm sorry. Did I mislead you into thinking those letters would be found in the Einstein quote? Silly me. Silly you.)

Clue # 4: Eleven. If ALL BUT ELEVEN are offline, that means the eleven are ONLINE.
Clue # 5: It's an "O" for a mouth, silly!

So here are the letters you should know so far: A W E S E L E V E N O

(note: these letters are not necessarily in the proper order. They'll get unscrambled when you have all the clues!)

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