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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Change a Life, Change the World

Sometimes you wonder if anything you do is really worth it.
You give. You sacrifice. And at the end of the day you hope and pray that something you did made a difference.

Often we just have to hope that our influence may be recognized years from now.

But sometimes...hallelujah...the world acknowledges that you exist and thanks you for your contribution.

As a minister, I hope to change lives on a regular basis.

My goal as a blogger is about the same. And in case any of you out there doubts the ability of a blog to make a difference in a single life, then you don't know Tim yet.

He was clearly a loser before he won the contest here a week or so ago. And now that he won the contents of the back of my pencil drawer, things are looking up for him. Need proof? Read Tim's testimony about the day his prizes arrived.
(For the record, there is nothing loser-ish about Tim, other than the fact that he reminds me of myself.)

If that can happen for someone like HIM, guess what winning the contents of the glove compartment of my Chevy Blazer could do for YOU!

Yes. Literally, guess what winning the contents of the glove compartment of my Chevy Blazer could DO for you. Will it put a spring in your step? Will it give you the confidence to finally win friends and influence people? Will it allow you to get your first non-creditor-related mail in months? Will it restore your faith in humanity? Will it give you the courage to emerge from the cocoon you have made for yourself out of egg cartons?

Next Monday I'll select the commentor whom I believe is likely to have his/her life changed the most by winning. So just leave a comment explaining how winning will catapult you to new levels of bliss or something or other.

Without checking, I'm assuming the prizes may include (but are not limited to) your choice of condiments packets from McDonalds, broken tools, toilet paper, a whistle and some unfoldable maps (which, incidentally are NOT maps that can be unfolded, but rather maps that can not be folded...subtle difference). But don't surprised if there is some gem of a prize I didn't even realize was there...like a roll of quarters, a Starbucks gift card, or a package of ramen noodles. I'm pretty much stealing Christmas's thunder here.

You don't even have to know me to leave a comment. I'm about to change someone's life. Will it be yours?


javamamma said...

The package of ramen noodles would be a great gem in our household since that is the gourmet lunch I send to school with my girls.

Of course, they are eaten cold, since I didn't fork out the big dollars for their travel thermos' like your wife did.

Sharon said...

Sign me up.
Now I have to admit that my glove box is the one area of my truck that is neat. No surprises as great as yours lingering behind its closed door.
But as for the rest of the truck?
Lets just say that I could use that roll of quarters. With that I could give it a bath on the inside and out.
The love bugs have been causing some real damage to that long thingy my husband put on the front to--you know, I'm not real sure what that thingy is for. But it is a love bug magnet. It needs a good cleaning. And then of course because it has been a little cooler -a Starbucks gift certificate would sure help since I am sure as the truck is getting its bath-I will be too.
See what happens when you give away such fantastic prizes?
The women found out and now you are blessed with long comments. :)

chickadee said...

you know, i have to walk a good ways to get to my mailbox (ok, granted sometimes i just wait and get the mail when i'm driving somewhere already) so, after making that looonnng hike, it's always such a disappointment to just get bills and junk mail. usually i have a kid or two or three with me and they're always like, "what'd we get?" "did i get mail?"

so, in winning this contest not only would my life be changed by the glorious hope and delivery of REAL mail, but my children (and it's really all about the children) would regain hope in mankind and the postal service to deliver more than just solicitations.

thank you for your ability to inspire a new vision for the daily mailbox walk and your generous gift of unused junk from hidden compartments.

humbly yours,

Scott said...

You're welcome

carrie said...

Well I saw Tim's blog and was in awe at the idea that someone would be so generous as to send FIVE items when only one was promised!!! So I honestly came over only to tell you that but now that I can see I, too, could have the life-altering event of receiving a package from you I MUST enter it....Thanks for the chance at a more fulfilled life...

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

We just got a new (used) car, and all of its glove boxes and underseat caverns are sadly empty. What a blessing it would be to just fill them all up with YOUR junk instead of allowing ours to accumulate over the long slow years on its own. Insta-junk!! Oh, pick me.

Cindy said...

My life would be changed because for once you might clean out your glove compartment. Maybe next you could have a contest win prizes from our garage! :)

reallyniceday said...

If there's a linty butterscotch disc with a penny stuck to it, I'm in.

Gayle said...

I recognize this as a true sign of love towards your wife. My husband would never clean out his desk drawer or glove box without threat of sleeping on the couch. Make sure you put a stop to it before you reach the underwear drawer though. There are limits to love and I don't think there would be many prizes from that area that would be winner-material. Just guessing here!

Gayle said...

oooh, ooooh, OOOOOOH!!!!! Pick me! Pick MEEEE!!!
Gayle~whose eyes are squeezed shut with arms waving wildly~

Tim said...

I know I'm not eligible, having already reached the pinnacle of success with last week's contest, but I just can't resist leaving another comment, as an encouragement for other readers.

Since I won the pencil drawer contest, things have really changed for the better in my life. I'm filled with energy and passion for life, and all those annoying little problems that used to plague me, seem insignificant as I bask in the joy of my newfound 'Winner' status. Gone are those character defects and personal hygiene problems that marked me as a 'Loser' in the eyes of the world. People treat me differently, now, no doubt responding in envy and admiration to the glow of confidence and assurance that surrounds me. I find I'm winning at Scrabble, too.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hmmmm...a roll of quarters...perhaps you might make it pennies. Then I'd feel a little better about letting the girls throwing my prize in the fountain at the mall. AND you'd know how bright you made their day.

I admit that the possibility a Starbucks gift card is hidden around in the prize package is intriguing to me. Course, Cindy might tackle you before you get ti send it :)

Kimmie said...

Okay, Tim persuaded me to join in for the 'hoopla'(hey who doesn't want envy and admiration, lol!)

Tim's life has had such an impact on me...well since his dramatic prize winning that is, that I may just have to hold my breath and park myself in front of the mailbox!

OR I could send one or all of my 6 children down there...I am sure my neighbors would love that! As the driveway is a hall from our house, perhaps I should send them with snacks...or maybe the wait for a possible "used" snack/candy would be enough to hold them?!(can you send enough for 6...they'd be happy to de-lint if necessary!)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Scott said...

Oh my. The selection of a winner is going to be a difficult process.
Hopefully, the evening gown portion of the competition will bring some clarity.
Later today, I'm actually going to open the glove compartment to see what's really at stake.
And NO, once you find out what the prizes are, you are NOT permitted to drop out of the competition. You are in it to win it, my friends, whether you want to or not.

Becky K. said...

I just have to let you know, Scott, that you and Tim have made my day! I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. You impacted me so much that I had to post about you. Relax though, I'm and new blogger so I am sure I won't direct too many greedy souls your way.
I still feel the laugh wrinkles by my eyes. They are probably spasming after such a workout!
Becky K.

Christy said...

Hmmm, I wasn't sure that the contents of a guy's glove compartment interested me, (no offense, really!) but the possibility of a gift card for the place that promises adult conversation, relaxation, and laughter--not to mention *great coffee*--was enough to lure this SAHM.

Gayle said...

I really REALLY want that film. Who knows what kind of goofy treasures might be on there!!!!

Billie said...

Now that I see the prizes I simply must have the french lessons on CD. My daughter (who is 5) is obsessed with watching every movie she has in french - NO subtitles. She just loves to hear that language (spanish won't do at all) and there seems to be a shortage of kids movies with french dubbing. She even tries to say the words which makes me laugh but what if she actually learns it and starts talking back to me in French? If I had this wonderful French lessons CD I could play it for her in the car and she would be esstatic. I also might learn something so when she gets mouthy with me (and what 5 y.o girl won't talk back at some point to her mom) I can reply with some newly learned French comment! Just imagine the reaction that would get. (Plus on the selfish side I really want to visit France one day and I would like to at least have enough of the language to get around without looking entirely stupid. If I start now, by the time I get there I will be a pro. I'll even send you a picture of me and your CD in France (of course this will be at least 5 years from now)). I'll be checking my mailbox with anticipation!

Larry said...

Maybe it's too late, but I'll give this a try:
"What I would do with my prize"

Chiclets Gum
I've got an adult patient with no teeth and no money. Chicklets make a good substitute.

35 mm film (used? new? dunno.)
If it's used I will print it and use it for hush money in the event you become famous.

French Lessons on CD
This will correct my pronounciation of "Bon Jewer."

Gift Card for Texas Roadhouse
One block from work, seriously

Inhale after a long day at work in the rehab


Duct Tape
I work with adolescents


Target receipts

A Toyota key (never 0wned a Toyota)
I own a toyota (actually 3). I'm betting it works on one of them and I need a spare.

Found you through Phil's blog. Love your writing; keep it up.