"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Could This BE Any More Drawn Out?

What in the world?
I typed up the entire transcripts for the Awards Ceremony last night before midnight. And it never posted; it's just plain gone!!! Ugh.
It was really quite breathtaking. I inserted cues for you to imagine music and spinning spotlights and everything.
Then I ran through all the contestants, sharing their highlights and making sure everyone felt honored just to have been considered. Serioulsy, I wrote all that stuff up.

Then there were some special musical appearances by Beyonce' and Soldja Boy.
And lots of tears were shed at the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award (congrats Tim).

Finally, after a couple of brief commercials, I got to the part where I opened the envelope and revealed the winner...

Congratulations to CARRIE!
Here's her comment

"Well I saw Tim's blog and was in awe at the idea that someone would be so generous as to send FIVE items when only one was promised!!! So I honestly came over only to tell you that but now that I can see I, too, could have the life-altering event of receiving a package from you I MUST enter it....Thanks for the chance at a more fulfilled life..."
While many people were interested in specific items and ways they may be used to better their miserable existences, Carrie seemed truly just interested in the very act of being selected as winner. Whether it was a jar of fingernail clippings, dirty soccer socks or a rare coin from Kuala Lumpur, she didn't care; she just wanted to be...a winner.
And now she is. Everything she's dreamed about can now be a reality (except for the parts that aren't really real). May she enjoy many, many seconds of fame while she basks in the limelight and the after-parties and the endless media interviews that come with winning a prize of this magnitude.

Carrie, we invite you to share your acceptance speech via comment. Be sure to thank the little people. And all you little people, we invite to write your congratulations to Carrie, being sure to seethe with jealousy in your comments. After all, the more jealous you are of her prize(s), the more she will enjoy them.

Congratulations again to Carrie, and to all our fine contestants who truly each deserved at least a little something. Unfortunately, the cost of mailing, for example, a lint-covered butterscotch disc to Reallyniceday would excede the cost of just buying your own butterscotch and lint.


carrie said...

*gasps and stands quickly clutching her beautiful ball gown (covered in chocolatey finger prints from the five year old...) and patting at her eyes with a tissue* Oh...gosh...I won...Oh my goodness. I don't even know what to say...First I have to thank Tim for posting about the original contest on HIS blog...and to your wife, Scott, for posting about THIS contest on her site..and Scott thank YOU for posting and letting me know I won...I also need to thank all you little people who shall now grovel at my feet...*polite giggle*

Tim said...

Carrie --

May the impact of these valuable prizes overflow in your life, the way mine have, in the lives of the little people around me.

(Get back! Back, I say! Those tic-tacs are MINE!)

Sometimes the little people can be a little pesky.


carrie said...

Thanks Tim!!!

javamamma said...

I will slowly get through my 2nd loss and hope not to inherit a spirit of rejection. Congrats to Carrie!

Mr. E said...

Wish I would have kept up reading your blog, the French Lessons on CD I could have passed on as a "gift" to my "know it all" Father-in-Law for Christmas.

p.s. Read my blog about why not to watch the movie "The Golden Compass". As a Christian you might find it interesting.

Gayle said...

Well, forget the Velveeta I was going to send you for Christmas!

Scott said...

I mean GAYLE. I meant to say "Gayle is the winner!"
I had totally left the Velveeta out of the equation.
Silly, silly me.

carrie said...