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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Glove Compartment Bingo

You can tell a lot about a person by what you find in their glove compartment.

What can you tell about me? You don't need to bother thinking too hard about that because my "pencil pal" Tim will probably take care of that for you. He's so good at reading people.

But here is what my stash includes (and therefore what some lucky winner may find in his/her mailbox).

Chiclets Gum
35 mm film (used? new? dunno.)
French Lessons on CD
Gift Card for Texas Roadhouse
Duct Tape
Target receipts
A Toyota key (never 0wned a Toyota)

That's pretty good stuff, eh?
Click here and comment and it could be yours! But of course, you'll be obligated to right about it when it arrives and tell how your life has been changed. That's just how it works. Sorry to whoever wins.


javamamma said...

Question. Do the markers work? I just adore school supplies but it's better if they work, ya know?

Tim said...

Sorry, I've been out of town, and I missed this opportunity to publicly psychoanalyze my dear Pencil Pal. I hope I'm not too late ...

Here are my findings:

I really don't know where to go with the Chiclets Gum. Is it a full package (indicating an impulse shopper) or a half-empty package (suggesting a man so focused on the here and now that he tends to be forgetful of things out of sight)? I'll have to defer judgment on that pending further evidence.

The 35mm film might be indicative of Scott's moonlighting job as a private detective, and the lucrative blackmailing that often ensues from such work. Or it might demonstrate a lack of follow-through ... perhaps Scott is one of those enthusiastic 'starters' who can't bring himself to face the drudgery of actually taking the film to the drugstore to develop it. Or maybe he is a frugal man, and can't stand to develop film without using up those last few shots, and since then has lost his 35mm camera.

The possibilities are endless. I'm almost overwhelmed.

Let's see ... the French Lessons CD clearly indicate a man intent on lifelong learning, or possibly a man in fear of a French Invasion of Indiana.

The Duct Tape simply shows that he is a man's man -- there's nothing wrong or weird about duct tape in a glove compartment!

Napkins indicate a tendency to frequent fast food chains ... my guess is Scott is a McDonald's man, but it might be Burger King. Do they have Rax chains in that part of the country?

The Target receipt suggests he bought a gift (probably for his wife) at least once, and didn't want the receipt to be found in his shirt or pants pocket. Exhaustive research has repeatedly proven that you can always trust a man who buys gifts for his wife at Target.

The Toyota key is a bit worrisome. It might belong to a close friend who is perpetually locking his keys in his car, but more likely it is a key that Scott simply found somewhere, and holds onto in the vain hope that it will work on some Toyota, somewhere. Scott probably entertains himself with heroic fantasies in which he saves the day by being the only man for 50 miles in any direction who has the right key at the right time. As anyone knows, the likelihood of this happening is small. Even if such an opportunity did occur, Murphy's law dictates that Scott will have locked the keys to his truck inside at precisely the moment when the Toyota key is needed. Scott seems to be an optimist, and such people are doomed to a life of disappointment.

Now that I've gotten you started, I'll leave the gift card, markers and coinage as an exercise for the reader.