"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hallo...whatintheworldwerethey THINKing?

My wife and I sort of enjoy the fun parts of the children's events this time of year.
There are costume parties and carnivals and lots of candy.

So far, we've made the religious/moral stand to avoid anything involving human sacrifice (or animal sacrifice for that matter).
And at our "Harvest Festival," scary costumes are forbidden. Every once in a while some child shows up who didn't get that memo, and they squeeze in anyway. One skeleton or mummy doesn't alter the mood of the event enough to humiliate the ill-dressed munchkin by bouncing him or her. Quite honestly, I think little tykes in strollers at these festival are more frightened by anonymous goons in football helmets than cute girls in black dresses and pointy hats...

...However, there is a new breed of children's costumes that is disturbing to me as a father of four girls.

Looking through online catalogs, there are so many cool costumes for boys: sports outfits, aliens, cowboys, public servants, comic book heroes, pirates, the list goes on.

Then you click on girls' costumes. After a few classic princess dresses, I noticed there's a heck of a lot more skin being exposed than I expected. Now I'm not advocating putting our girls in burkas (is that what they're called?), but let me tell you, there are some SCARY costumes out there for girls.

It's like someone said, "How could we modify that boys' pirate costume to make it a girls?" And instead of "let's put the buttons on the left side and put lipstick on the skull and crossbones," someone said, "I know! Let's remove the pants, give her a mini skirt. Slip on some fishnet stockings, plunge the neckline, put on a sexy black choker, and then when some 10-year-old girl models it for the photo, be sure to have her look angry/pouty/seductive."
Come on! Who DOES that? Evidently, quite a few companies.

Of course, some of it's just the nature of our culture. While it's cute to dress up a little preschool boy like a little man in a suit and tie or a tuxedo, what's the equivalent for girls?

Evidently, dressing them like prostitutes!
Slight exaggeration...maybe.
But I'm eager to hear how many young trick-or-treaters or party-goers you all come across this week in outfits generally reserved for the covers of movies in the back room of the video store behind the curtain.

Or, to restore my faith in humanity, feel free to describe the most creative, funny or otherwise enviable costumes that come your way.


javamamma said...

Yeah, I know whatcha mean. Craziness. Hopefully at our church party tomorrow night, we won't see any extra skin. My girls, of course, will be in turtle necks and sweat pants. ;)

carrie said...

UGH! I hear ya...my oldest will be 10 in a few days and she wanted to be a vampire (yes we are Christians, yes she knows they are not real, yes my kids understand the origins of halloween, yes we read harry potter, please stone me AFTER I finish my post...LOL!) well we found a REALLY cute costume, ordered it and it's cut WAY up on one leg, I looked at it and raised my eyebrow, she says, "Wait I can fix it...runs upstairs and pulls on a pair of leggings underneath and it's REALLY cute again!!! Her sister is going as a gothic cheerleader and brother is darth vadar ;)

Miss Paula said...

Oh yes, this is a crisis! If at least we stopped buying then maybe they wouldn't make them. I know, wishful thinking...But you know what bothers me most is the soft porn on TV, in the way of commercials and programs. Little by little we let the world creep in and it's does it so slyly that we don't notice or people think there is nothing wrong. IT IS WRONG, am I the only one here that thinks this?

I am saying turn off the tube!! Maybe I should start a boycott movement of the programming!! HHMM?

Mr. E said...

I agree! Not only the retail stores advocating dressing our young girls like prostitutes with "regular" clothing; they are pushing that image with dolls (Ex: Bratz), and now Halloween Costumes. I actually had one of my "adult" students tell me in a paper, that she likes Halloween because she can dress like a "Hoochie Mamma!" Isn't that sad?!?

Becky K. said...

My sweet daughter went looking like Laura Ingalls tonight and I was quite proud of her.
As for the TV...don't get me started! The commercials alone are enough to make ME blush...let alone the children!

O.k., as long as I am spouting off...why can they not make a clean version of movies since they have DVD's and TV versions now. I mean would it be too much of a hardship to offer two versions? Erase the language and cut out immodest scenes.

I agree about the costumes too, by the way... Being a parent now is kind of like tripping through a minefield!

Alaska1 said...

It seems like I heard this topic discussed in many places yesterday. If I recall, it was even on the evening national news.

As for television, I have a hard time watching tv in the evening. Watching the World Series I was appalled by the amount of commercials for "ED" medication. Like I need to explain all that to my kids while trying to enjoy a baseball game WITH my kids who are both baseball fans too.

It is certainly difficult to be a part of the world but not transformed by it. Thankfully there are parents like those on this blog that strive to do the right thing.

Emily said...

ewwwww. The oposite of a normal boy pirate is a prostitute lookin' girl pirate?

yeah, I love that I share my birthday with such a sweet holiday.

Just wanted to tell you that I think your wifes pretty groovy. She makes me smile when I read her blog. You lucked out guy!

and my name IS Emily. Promise.