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Monday, October 8, 2007

How ELSE Would You Expect Us to Celebrate?

The big day is finally here.

Our family has been frantic for days with all the preparations for the holiday. I know a lot of you are in the same boat (the Pinta, perhaps?), getting ready for family coming into town to celebrate.

My kids have their Spanish sailor costumes ready, and they've paired up to make their Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria models for the parade later this afternoon.

A couple of the girls are entered in the "Junior Miss New World" competition which will start at the town square at 1:30 (or whenever the marimba concert concludes). Undoubtedly, there will be the typical dozen or more girls who do the Columbus-sailed-the-ocean-blue-recitation for their talent portion. So I've encouraged my girls to be more creative. Cassie has made the shape of the island of Hispanola out of traditional Spanish blood pudding, and Brynne has a baton routine set to the music "Eye of the Tiger." (Don't worry, having "1492" safety-pinned to her leotard allows her to still qualify without having to change anything else from the routine she originally worked up for Miss ZucchiniFest.)

Unfortunately, it's the hottest Columbus Day on record in Indiana, so the annual chocolate sculpture will likely be indoors in the lobby of the theater instead of at the top of the steps to the courthouse. This only means fewer people will get to see it, which is a shame, because a guy from our church made it and got all "interpretational," creating a Christopher C. in a Colts jersey where the horseshoe is made out of white chocolate.

Because of the heat and dangerously dry conditions in our county, the bonfire after the parade is canceled. This has left a lot of restaurant owners in a quandary. Almost all the restaurants here close that night because everyone's at the bonfire, but this year, they may stay open, which then messes with everyone's traditional plans and cooking and all. Seriously, who wants to go out to eat at Appleby's anyway on COLUMBUS DAY, folks?

For us, not having the bonfire just means we'll get home sooner to open our presents and spend more time with family assembled for the holiday.

I'd love to hear what YOUR family does on this special day.

Happy Columbus Day to All. (Unless you shun all explorer-related holidays, in which case I advise you steer clear of my blog on Magellan Day next August.)


javamamma said...

We not only shun, but boycott all explorer-related holidays. We un-observe the holiday by turning off all our lights and hunkering down in our basement watching "Little House on the Prairie". We wouldn't want anyone to get the inkling that we are actually enjoying the day.

Oops. Maybe I got a little carried away with that.....

Tammy said...

Ok, I realize I am WAY late on this post, but I have been flippin' through your blog and this post had my crying....guess it caught me at a weak and silly moment, but this was good stuff.