"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lives Interesecting

The past several weeks, a number of parents at our church have gathered together for "small groups" while their children enjoyed being in the kids' choir on Wednesday nights.

For a lot of people, "small group" means getting together with other Christians and studying the Bible together (which is good, of course). For others, like tonight's group, life is simply shared. Life is hard sometimes, and what a blessed thing it is to be encouraged by others who also know that life is hard and don't simply sugar-coat it.

Even though our printed discussion guide would have had us go down one path, one simple activity at the beginning where we opened our wallets or purses to find an item for show and tell got us going a different direction.

The right direction.

I've often told people that if they get through all 9 questions on that discussion guide, they may not have really chewed on the topics and ideas very much.

So I congratulate our group last night on doing a great job on question 1!

If any from the group are reading this, thanks for letting us into your lives and allowing us to see what God has already done and anticipating what He is going to do next. We certainly have much to celebrate and much to hope for.

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javamamma said...

THAT is my idea of a good small group! Families sharing life together. Very cool.