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Monday, October 8, 2007

We Have a Winner!

Due to the overwhelming response to the give-away from last month's contest, it took longer than I planned to award a winner.

But congratulations to Tim at Duckabush Blog for his fantastic answer to the the question about how he spent his time waiting for my next blog to post:

Mostly, I've just been looking at the wall between hopeful refreshes of your blog homepage. Fortunately, we have an interesting stucco pattern...

As promised, Tim, you're entitled to a prize from the back of my pencil drawer. Please let me know whether you want:
1. A shrinkwrapped pack of play money from Milton Bradley
2. 5 Tic-Tacs ("Freshmint" flavor)
3. Letter "B" Scrabble tile
4. Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix (2 packs)
5. DVD of the 2005 smash hit children's musical at our church "Holy Moses"

Everyone else who is not Tim is invited to visit his family's blog where they can kill two birds with one stone by congratulating him on winning AND wish him a happy birthday.
(You can kill a third bird with the aforementioned stone by scrolling down to his post about Chestnuts and learn about nature, Nat King Cole, and how NOT to poison your dear family unnecessarily.)

NOTE: Honorable Mention is awarded to Javamamma who spent her time in prayer and fasting. No prize for her other than permission to resume eating.


Tim said...

Wow, what a veritable smorgasbord of prizes ... how appropriate that my metaphorical ship would come in on Columbus Day!

Sign me up for the letter 'B' scrabble tile and (since you're allowing me two prizes in honor of my birthday) the package of play money from Milton Bradley ... what great and valuable prizes!

On second thought, I think the smash hit children's musical DVD might have a lot more entertainment value, so I think I'll take that instead of the package of play money. The 'B' scrabble tile is, of course, non-negotiable.

javamamma said...

Thanks for permission to eat. But the intercession point of you bringing your wife to visit me is still in contention in the heavenlies.

Congrats to Tim, who is quite the creative thinker! That is my only solace to not winning the contest.

nsremom said...

Well, I wasn't aware of such a big giveaway....or I would have been here sooner.

I guess I should have packed my guns with me and announced myself....yes, it's NRA mom.

But, I really wanted to answer your Columbus Day question. What do we do? I've given birth on that day. So, it sortof trumps what anyone else might say. (that is, unless they gave birth to twins or something)

THIS year, there will be no birthing. Just birthday cake for my big boy Nate.

Nice talking to you.

Amy said...

Holy Moses was a big hit around here last year too! AJ got to sport commandment 10 and plague 3... it was an inspiring moment!