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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Caloric Intake

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, regardless of what shape your food pyramid was today.

Aunt Marilyn (or was it Marcia?) told us today that the average person consumes 2900 calories on Thanksgiving.

I just want to tell whichever person it is out that took in 430 calories that I had them covered for the rest.
They should stop there so as not to throw off the numbers.

And in case anyone was wondering, cheese showed up on the buffet line today on the cauliflour (sp?) and in a yummi cheese ball.


javamamma said...

Cheese is good...on cauliflOWER, in a cheese ball and on orbit mojito mint guM - yummY!

carrie said...

ohh Guess what? I got mail ;)

Merci Beaucoup!!! I'll get back to you on a FULL french post ;)