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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Origami Wedding Dress in Latvian Rainforest

Perhaps some of you use "statcounter.com" or other such service to analyze traffic at your website or blog.

One feature they have is "keyword analysis" which lets people know which web searches land people at your site. I'm sure this is an important feature for some websites. For me, it's just a novelty. Of course, I know friends are reading my blogs, and then others chance upon it after linking from others friends' blog and then it get viral from there. But every once in a while, it's interesting to think that a total stranger with little or no intention of actually visiting my blog gets tricked into coming because their Google search had me pop up.

For example, I had blogged about hairbrushes and how my girls always lose them. So it was no suprise to see that people had found my blog by googling "Oh Where is my hairbrush."

Some of the more curious/worrisome searches have included:

"Hilary Clinton's body measurements"
"feeding husband to children"

Seriously, who are these people? And why are they being allowed access to the internet?

Just for fun, I'm going to include a few random phrases now and see who else gets sucked in from Google.

"poison dart frogs"
"Huckabee Gets Spray On Tan"
"Mel Gibson in a tutu."
"eating pizza on fine china"
"sub saharan model train collecting."
"just won the lottery am looking for nice family to share winnings with"

Welcome to my blog, you weirdos (and/or generous lottery winners).


javamamma said...

Spray on tan...huh...that's a good one.

Tim said...

You've made a critical error in teasing the model train crowd, sub-Saharan or otherwise. They're an odd bunch (I ought to know, my Dad is a model-railroader) and you tweak them at your peril.

I recommend you quickly post an insightful article about the relative superiority of N-gauge to HO-gauge or something, anything to divert unwelcome attention from your near-sacrilegious attitude toward model railroading. Quick. :)

carrie said...

*snork* That's grand...I like Huckabee ;)

Umm...how did I get here again? Oh yes...it was all TIM'S fault...hehe!

Scott said...

Welcome to the person who Googled "Huckabee and Velveeta" and came for a visit.
It has made me more than a little curious...and hungry.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read stories like that. BTW add some pics :)