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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So How 'Bout That Gauge?

Anyone who's up on model trains, please comment on the relative superiority of N-gauge to HO-gauge.

I will not sleep until I have answers.

(It's a lie. I only posted that because of Tim's comment on the previous post. Per my understanding of model trains, "guage" refers to the shininess of the paint, right?)

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Tim said...

Hmmm. That 'article' was slightly less insightful than I had hoped, but you seem to have dodged the model railroader rage.

Model railroaders are gauged with respect to the number of engines and train cars they acquire in a given year, in spite of their wives' carping about silly things like budgets and credit limits. HO-gauge hobbyists subscribe to the idea that one man should own at least 87 engines, hence the 1:87 ratio that defines HO gauge. N-gauge railroaders are more liberal (and have a higher divorce rate), feeling that a single man (emphasis on single) can easily support between 148 and 160 engines.

I've provided the following link in case you are so engrossed in the subject that you want to discuss it at length with strangers: Railroader Discussion Forum