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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WFMW -- The daBlogi Code

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Here's my genius creation for my kids to enjoy:

My kids love riddles and mysteries and clues. And I love making them.

So far I’ve done two different series of "daBaƱo Codes" (stole the idea from the DaVinci Code, but I left the clues on the bathroom wall so they’d have something to read while doing their business.)

I’m creating another one here on my blog this week for my children (and for you bloggers, too I guess) to read and solve, but I’m retitling it more appropriately...the daBlogi Code.

Some of the clues will be insanely easy, perfect for little brothers and sisters.

Other clues will require more thought. They might require research on the internet or asking a friend or parent.

Each clue will reveal a letter or letters, and at the end of all the clues, we’ll unscramble the letters to spell the important message that Leonardi daBlogi left for us to uncover.

Feel free to steal my clues and do this for your kids, or create your own and let me know so I can steal them and use them for MY kids.

Oh...if my kids solve this, they'll get a cool prize. And at the end of the clues, there will also be a chance for a bloggy friend to win too!

Here's the Back Story of the Mysterious daBlogi Code

Centuries ago, Leonardo daBlogi, one of the great bloggers of the Renaissance, left clues in many of his posts. When put together, he hoped that bloggers of the future would be able to make sense of his message.

For the next few days, I will be recreating his ancient writings and artwork in hopes that with your help, together we'll be able to solve…The daBlogi Code.

It is believed by many that the message will turn out to be words of doom and condemnation to a world bent on self-destruction. Others predict the words may simply end up being subtly cautionary, or perhaps humorous.

Whatever the message turns out be, most scholars worth their degrees concur that it will likely herald a new age of enlightenment, a modern Blog renaissance...a veritable BLOGAISSANCE!


One of the paintings at the top of the post is the original, and one is a forgery (a fake!). Once you detect which is the original, remember the letter in the bottom corner. You'll need it to solve the daBlogi code later on.

Click here to see if you're right...
...and come back tomorrow to get your next clue!


Susan said...

Love it! Will come back to visit:= ) Love the creativity, I bet you guys have fun with your kids.

Totallyscrappy said...

Ooh, we love a scavenger hunt... this sounds like fun!

jen at talking hairdryer said...

Only a dad would create reading material for his kids to read in the BATHROOM! Too funny!

Crystal said...

This is great info to know.