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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Headband/Bookmarks Easy Genius Idea

My Works For Me Wednesday Idea comes from the office next to mine today.

You know those stretchy headbands that are knitted or something? They have lots of holes in the weave and come in all kinds of colors. (I'm a guy. Women out there probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Here's a picture just in case.)

Well, my coworker just showed me how she was using one as a bookmark. She simply opened a book to whatever page and slid the headband around the front cover and the pages and closed the book again.

Then because of the open weave of the headband she was able to slide in a pen or highlighter outside so she had a dual bookmark/pen-holder. (i probably should've taken a picture of it in use, but perhaps you can imagine a book in place of this cutie's head and some pens clipped in the holes of the headband.)

Might make a great stocking stuffer for my daughters who love to read!


javamamma said...

I think this is the best "Works for me..." I've ever heard. Cool!

Sniz said...

That's such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

carrie said...

ohhhhhhhh that's awesome! Thanks!