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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leave The Seat Down

I think some of you were starting to worry that I'd forgotten all about selecting a winner from those who had solved the daBlogi Code. And you were right to worry, because I had totally erased it from my RAM.

Well, a very elite few had the brain power (and the time to waste) necessary to solve this puzzle.
Some people left comments. Some emailed.
They acted like they knew the answer, but only one person actually spelled it out so I could know for sure she had the right answer.

So congratulations to Billie who emailed me the answer: "Leave The Seat Down." And if someone else did too, and I overlooked you, I'm so sorry. Sweet talk me and we'll work out a consolation prize.

I know you all expected something more heart-stopping from Leonardo daBlogi like "The world will end in ____" or "Vick will get 23 in o7" or "there's some spinach in your teeth."

But the message is what the message is. Leave The Seat Down. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Our cryptologists are still studying, but it appears that the message appears to have come from MRS. daBlogi instead of Leonardo himself. Who knew?

Billie, you have your choice from the following books:
"Life's Little DEstruction Book" with such hints as "overstay your welcome" and "don't flush."
"Daddy's Boy" by Chris Elliot, with rebuttals by his dad. The humorous story of a bitter son.
"Motherhood Is Stranger Than Fiction" cute cartoons by Mary Chambers.
"Children's Letters To God" like "What does begat mean? Nobody will tell me."

And if any of you losers wish you had won one of the books that Billie doesn't pick, then convince me to have a contest where you're guaranteed to win...like "Most Irrelevant Mentions of Nutella in a Blog." Tim's a shoe-in for that.


Billie said...

Oh my - I can't believe that I am the only one who emailed it to you. I got the email and I thought that I was actually picked from the multitudes (after all who couldn't resist doing this contest). Now I see that indeed I am not Lucky - but an example that following through on something actually pays off. The choices are very tough but considering I love some humor in my life (as if my husband doesn't provide enough of that) I would love to receive the book "Children's letters to God". I can only hope this will provide me a crash course on what to expect from my 5 year old!
Thanks for the continuous entertainment, and keep the contests coming!!!

Emily said...

I missed it.


Scott said...


Congratulations again on winning this prestigious prize. I had two copies of that book, and I think I sent the one without my name written inside the cover. Who knows.

I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed wasting so much time solving the daBlogi Code. You are my third winner since I began blogging in August. I hope this touches your life as much as it touched the previous two winners when they won. It may inspire a career change, a move across the country or simply lessen your depression for a brief window of hope for 30 seconds.
You've EARNED it.

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

Scott - The fact that you have a copy of Daddy's Boy convinces me that you are a jeenyus. I wanted that book so much but was convinced by Miss Sniz to save my money. But, oh how I love Chris Elliot. Maybe we could work out a temporary trade. I could send you my prized DVD copy of Cabin Boy to watch while I read Daddy's Boy. Or, I guess I could just go to the library and read it while I rub Nutella all over the Dewey Decimal Number signs.

Heather said...

Scott, Actually I did e-mail you the correct answer, but since I'm not a sore loser or anything, I can deal with not being the winner. As long as Tom Brady is not the winner. Then I would totally have to boycott your blog.

Scott said...


Heather said...

WELL, SCOTT, SINCE YOU ARE SUCH A GRACIOUS CONTEST HOST (okay, I'll quit yelling now!!!!!!), I'll choose Motherhood is Stranger Than Fiction. Because I'm just in that place in my life.

Thanks for the confirmation that I can get a little TOO EXCITED about LITTLE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!