"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, December 9, 2007

She'll Kiss Your Baby If That's What It'll Take

I don't mean to mislead you.
I'm NOT a nominee for the homeschool blog awards. I'm not really hurt by failing to be nominated. I don't blog about homeschooling a whole lot. In fact, even though my wife has been homeschooling for the last 6 or 7 years, I didn't even discover she's been doing that until a few months ago...I'm THAT involved.
I always thought it was strange that I'd come home for something in the middle of the day and find all the kids still there. Now it all makes sense.
Anyway, a good percentage of the 3 people who visit my blog come here by way of Cindy's blog. So you probably are already aware that she has been nominated in the categories of Funniest Homeschool Blogger and Best Encourager. While she is out on her speaking circuit, holding campaign dinners and fundraisers, and kissing babies, I thought I would lend my support by campaigning right here in the comfort of my comfy plaid armchair.

It should come as no surprise that we're recycling "She's A Bad Mamma Jamma" as her campaign rallying cry/theme song again. I'm working on the yard signs right now and should have them available for ordering by week's end. Buttons, banners, and acrylic nails with her silhouette on them are also forthcoming.

Of course, during this busy homeschool blogger election season, things will be a little crazy around here. I'll be picking up some extra slack here while she's doing her appearances on the morning shows, but it's worth it. The opportunities that this could open up for our future are incredible.

So be sure to click on the nominee button above and vote for "Still His Girl" as the funniest homeschool blog in the known universe (and Best Encourager if she happens to have touched you in that way). And if you don't already know she's the funniest, check out her blog and judge for yourself. Then you can vote for her here.

If any of you around the country want to get in touch with the "Still His Girl" campaign headquarters in your state or region, let me know and we'll hook you up. We know she's probably going to carry Wisconsin and Kansas and Guam, but we could use more help getting the word out in West as well as the portion of the country referred to as the "Ill-Humored Belt."

Most importantly, anyone who has connections with Cindy's BFF Mandisa should work your magic and get her to endorse Cindy or maybe have her perform at the election night result s extravaganza.



Marmee said...

Go, Cindy! Don't forget us, the little people, when you win your election.

Oh, and say hi to Mandisa for us, since she is your BFF!

javamamma said...

Got my vote in! Oh shoot, am I allowed, since I'm not a homeschooler? Funny how you didn't know you were until so recently. :)

Tim said...

Intending no disrespect to Mandisa, and in no way trying to put myself forward, please feel free to draw upon my musical abilities, as chronicled in last year's Christmas Day blog: http://www.edgren.com/wordpress/2006/12/25/a-very-merry-christmas/ . I'm sure your discerning tastes are superior to those of our current worship pastor, Philistine that he is, never responding to my kind offer.

Emily said...

if only I had voted for Cindy in this category....she'd be paying for our trip....


But she got my vote for encourager. 'cause there's nothing more encouraging then someone flying hundreds of miles just to hang out with you.

she pretty much is my hero.

Kathy in WA said...

With a campaign manager like you on her team, she's bound to go far (hiding in the closet maybe).

Sniz said...

The first paragraph of this blog made me laugh so hard! There's nothing like a supportive, hands-on, homeschooling dad. You should read Todd Wilson. Anyway, I'm off to vote for your wife. Maybe she'll win Indiana.