"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Friday, December 21, 2007

Would You Like Vomit With Your Order?

Sometimes our two older children choose to TAKE a lunch to school.
Sometimes they choose to BUY what the lunch ladies have whipped up.

How to decide?
Here was the process today...

Shelby: Dad. Could you help me pack a lunch today?
Dad: Well, I have vomit all over my hands right now.
Shelby: I'll just buy a lunch today.
Oh, by the way, we have a sick child.
Thanks for vomiting on yourself in the living room, Jenna. You got me out of having to pack a lunch. Whew.


javamamma said...

It's always music to my ears when the kids say, 'I'm eating there' but I'm not sure I want that excuse for not making lunch. Yikes.

Emily said...

That's pretty gross. At least it's ONLY vomit...if you get my drift. (father of 4 should understand...)

Carrie said...

You mean dads catch puke in their hands too? I thought that was a mom thing!

carrie said...

ew ew ew I'd DEFINITELY not have you help me pack a lunch at that point...although I think I'd probably go hungry rather than eat school food...hmmmm

Sniz said...

Very cute! Packing school lunches stinks and I will do anything to get out of it.