"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Everything Is Under Control, Officer

Oh my, is it ever hard to get three girls ready for church without mom here.
Wait, there are supposed to be four. Now where is that other one?
Fortunately, I take the doctrinal stance that God looks at the heart while man looks at the outward appearance. So I wasn't freaked at all when my girls only had 5 minutes to get ready for church since we stayed up watching another movie last night. God won't mind what they wear to church.

Also, it's only one morning, and if they don't have a nutritious breakfast one time, it won't kill them. Look at what Shelby found in the pantry.

yum. who doesn't love a little sugar, syrup, marshmallows, chocolate chips, ice cream cones, tootsie rolls and smarties for breakfast? And yes, she is eating tootsie rolls with the wrappers still on them. Rush rush rush. Don't worry, by the time they get to church, they'll have brushed the hair out of their eyes. And maybe there will be some coats in the lost and found.

You don't even want to SEE the other two girls.

These kids sure hope their mommy is having fun in Vegas.

It's just not the same here without her.


FabTheMayor said...

You are too much! Jeff Foxworthy says it's not a party until the cops have been called. God also understands that it's not my fault that my 10 year old FELL ASLEEP on the back pew. It's my job to get her to church, and that's what I did!

Cindy said...

You totally had me going until I saw the photo and I knew that if you had time to take a photo you couldn't be running THAT late.

I know you are fully competent. :) I love you! Miss you!

MLW said...

Love it! What would you do without her!

Big Doofus said...

We do this when the wife and I are both here.

Kimmie said...

You mean you feed your kids before church...wow, that is a great idea!

Love your morning menu...or was that for the 3 days?


Ronnica said...

That's hilarious. How much candy did you have to give out to convince the girls to pose like that?

I don't know how many times the first words out of a kid's mouth to me, their Sunday school teacher, is "I'm hungry." Yes, the kids come from homes with ample food, but it seems like someone forgot to throw a Poptart at little Timmie or Sally sometimes.

javamamma said...

Poor little ragamuffin children.

Mr. E said...

To answer a question you asked on a comment on my blog...Children who do not pass inspection pull a "Good Habit" card or two from the "Good Habits to Reinforce" stack. They must do these habits immediately, without complaint. (Unless it is to late at night to do them) If they choose not to do these cards, they essentialy ground themselves in their rooms, with only a litmited amount of activity. They stay grounded until they decide to do what is listed on the cards, no matter how long it takes (minutes, hours, days). Even parents must pull a card if they fail to do their part of the family routines or if they break a rule. After all consistency is of utmost importance.

Marmee said...

I want to know how you got your kids to look so down and out because, really, they have great parents, you can just tell!

I loved the sugar and syrup on the counter, nice touch.

Tell the little one that she did a good job NOT smiling. My kids would be cracking up.

Thanks for the morning laugh.....it's cold and I'm not thrilled about going out in the snow.

David said...

Haha I LOVE those pictures, especially the last one. Jenna's face is priceless!