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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Leapin' Into A New Year

You probably already know this, but this is a Leap Year.
Yup. You have a WHOLE EXTRA DAY this year.
24 unexpected hours.
1,440 extra minutes.
And...well, I don't know how many seconds, but if I weren't so darn lazy, I could find the calculator feature on this computer and tell you, but that would start chipping away at those extra unknown-number of seconds that I surely will use for more noble purposes.

Like organizing our office/school room. We currently have our computer crammed inside one of those armoir thingies. Great space-saver. Unfortunately, I've recently developed claustrophobia. I diagnosed myself with this disorder after spending the last 24 hours on the couch thanking God that I was not:
A. in the middle of Times Square on New Year's Eve
B. in the grandstands at the parade route in Pasadena.
C. in Tempe, Arizona watching the Hooisers lose the Insight Bowl in person.

Can you imagine? I almost hyperventilated just watching people pressing up against each other for hours on end in Times Square. And I didn't see a single bathroom. It could not have been a pretty place. I know that people say it's cool and fun and exciting.
They say the same thing about cocaine, but I'm not going THERE.

Anyway, I'm probably going to spend my extra day this year doing something involving whatever I buy with my giftcards for Lowes home improvement heaven-in-a-warehouse.

Or sleeping.


javamamma said...

Well, I hadn't discovered it's a leap year this year yet, so this post was quite informative. Thank you.

Tyna said...

Completely forgot this is a Leap Year. Will have to think of something interesting to do that day...it falls on a Friday, so there are lots of possibilities.

Emily said...

Leap years are freakin WEIRD. Who thought that one up, anyways. You hear of people being born on this non-day and I just feel a bit sad for them.

I plan on using that extra day watching Law & Order reruns. big plans. big plan I say.

Kathleen Marie said...

Five Fridays in February... Wonderful! You and my dear hubby have a LOT in common when it comes to crowds. In a mall he just about breaks out in hives.
As for Leap Year - I'll take anytime God gives me!

shay said...

Hi. I'm new. You can thank Doofus:) Great blogger....

Anywhoooooooo. I had no idea! Leap Year?! Really! hmmmmmm!

Oh and I'm not sure I believe you can make even pony tails! ;-)

Marie said...

I have been in Times Square many times. And what you don't see is the HUGE Charmin store that is really a bathroom for hundreds. They greet you dancing, singing and handing out coupons and toilet paper. It's hilarious and a real life saver when you are in those crowds. They even put on shows!! It's quite the place. And there are also public places where you can go in and go so to speak! lol

p.s. So now you can't be afraid of Times Square anymore.

Tim said...

86,400 seconds in a day. I always remember this, because I once wrote a system for an auto manufacturer that did something every 864 seconds. My manager came across that constant in the code, and spent a half hour asking three or four other programmers where we came up with that number.

Eventually, they asked me, and I calmly told them: "One percent of a day, of course."

I got big techie points for that. Programmers think that kind of thing is cool.