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Monday, January 28, 2008

! Look Ma, No More Boring Background !

[If you already have a rockingly awesome blog design, be warned. You may find yourself feeling a tinge of pity for my pathetic new discovery that you undoubtedly have known about since birth. I wrote this Monday, but I'm linking it to Shannon's Works-For-Me-Wednesday hootenanny because, quite honestly, it works for me.]

I generally think of myself as a creative type. I've written a few songs, I'm starting to write a book, I draw, I do crafty things with my wife, I write on the walls, I talk to myself, I see dead people.

But for this artistic creative type to go with an un-messed-with GENERIC TEMPLATE for my blog was just killing me. Much longer and I would have had to mail my ear to Blogger in a padded envelope.

Boredom had set in unexpectedly.
Sure, everyone's been digging those nifty chunks of swiss cheese floating around in my header, but that background on the blog? I think it was kind of flesh-toned and creepy.

No one was complaining, but neither were they sending me awards for beauty and aesthetics. So with the click of a button, I had myself a quick print-out from Blogger Buster called "A Cheat's Guide To Customising Blogger Templates." Having the print-out kept me from having to toggle back and forth between websites. If you're on Blogger and you're at all interested in personalizing your site, I recommend checking that guide out and trying something new. (Be sure to follow the easy instructions for saving your current code so you can revert back if you mess everything up. It happens.)

I quickly set to work changing things up a bit. It took me all of a half hour, and I may not be 100% thrilled about how it looks, but I've figured out the basics so I can make it look however I want once I figure out what that is.

I'm open to suggestions if you have any genius ideas for graphics or colors or anything. Or if you've seen some great ideas you want to direct me to, that'd be awesome too.

So what you see today is:
--A polished-up header. Evidently .GIF's don't look as cruddy as .BMP's.
--A graphic-tiled background. I don't know what it's officially called, but I'm naming it "Native American Snowflake Dancing in a Field of Dead Buffalo (or Tatonka)." I found it, and other free tiles, over at Squidfingers.
--A solid field behind the posts and sidebar or else the Tatonka Flakes would've obscurred the text. O.K. it's the same old creepy caucasian fleshtone #ffd5aa as before. I didn't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. But that baby better not get too comfortable.

My next post will be MY 100th POST at HoneyIFedTheKids, and I wanted the place to look nice for the special occasion. I'll be rolling out the red carpet because I expect some special guests for the gala event of the season. Consider this your personal invitation, and if you leave a nice comment, I'll make sure you get on the list for the After Party as well.
[note: Regular visitors probably noticed that I was pretty much obligated to start the title of this post with "!" to conclude the sentence spelled by the first letter of each post in January: "I Love You SeÑorita Cindita."]


David said...

It looks great! If I blogged more (or had more patience), I might try to customize mine a little bit too. But nice work, my friend- I'm impressed.

Heather said...

"Tatonka!" *snort* I just snorted my coffee! ROFL!

You've actually inspired me. I might try to change a few things on my blog.

Oooo, can I come to the after party?

Scott said...

Yes, Heather. I'll leave your ticket at the door.
But please, no coffee-snorting. This is going to be a klassy affair.

FabTheMayor said...

I knew exactly what it said. I got a new student in after the Christmas holidays straight from Venezuela and he speaks NO English. Over the past month, I don't know if I've learned more Spanish or he's learned more English...it's probably a toss up!

Western Warmth said...

Holy Cow, you are a hilarious blogger. I'll be back (found you through WFMW). I want to tell my husband about your blog too, maybe he'll be inspired to start one.

I've had a hard time "jazzing" up my look too. I'm not too "code-savvy" although I'm good at using quotation marks.

My Goodness said...

I linked in from your wife's site...you two had such sweet anniversary posts! Congratulations on the 14 years!

This post gave me just what I needed...I linked over to the Blogger Buster site and now I have a new look, too!! So glad you blogged about your new digs...I'll have to pay it forward!!

Michie said...

Thanks for the link to Blogger Buster. I just started blogging and I don't know anything about writing codes...and I'd never heard of Blogger Buster. I bookmarked it so I can check it out.

Michie said...

Thanks for the link to Blogger Buster. I just started blogging and I don't know anything about writing codes...and I'd never heard of Blogger Buster. I bookmarked it so I can check it out.