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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Really Not That Interesting

Not a lot happening today, but here's a quick gem of knowledge to tide you over until I blog about my alien abduction or other such morsel of interest to you, my gentle readers.
I'm often entertained by the Google searches that bring people to my blog.

Here's the latest in the fun searches that have led you internets to my front door:

- honey your car is in a tree around the corner.
- wedding dresses for rainforest
- kids and clamming
- i fed honey to my baby what to do now?
- the coolest person in the world

O.k. I lied about the last one.

But the first one really intrigued me, so I went and googled it myself. It turned up lots of different sites! After I worried for a bit that there has been a rash of recalls on vehicles prone to driving up trees, it turned out that the phrase was a quote from a blockbuster movie from 1996 that took the country by storm.

Without using a search engine, any guesses as to what movie it's from?

I don't have a prize to send, but if you desire an imaginary prize, feel free to name anything at all that you want to imagine me sending you. Then I'll invite everyone to imagine that they're jealous that you imaginarily won .

Hey, I guess I AM the coolest person in the world.


Emily said...

I stopped looking at all of those things. I started freaking out about the creepy things I saw....can't even write, too creepy.

but random words get searched in google in a creepy way. trust me. Way worse than the car around a tree hit.

not sure what movie that's from.

Tyna said...

Hmm...no clue on the movie. What a strange quote - can't wait till you tell us what it is.

Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday!

Emily said...

Twister! I love that movie - all two hours of cheese that it is :)

Big Doofus said...

Currently, the most common Google Search that brings people to my blog is "Stinky McStinkface." And I'm not making that up.

Mr. E said...

How do you know what words lead to your blog? Do you just type in random words and looks at the first few pages of the results? I think the quote is from the movie Twister, but I'm not sure.

Sniz said...

The movie is Twister. Yeah. I own it. I know. I'm not cool like you. Sigh.