"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sweet Blessed Holy Glory Hallelujah Wrapped In A Clorox Wipe

I’ve read the comments you all have had about creating order out of the abyss that is our children’s bathroom.

I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel now, and much of the brilliance is radiating directly from the thought of nifty little flip-lid boxes. I’ll probably find a way to drill holes in the lids or something for some ventilation thanks to at least one recommendation.

And I like the idea of them each having their own toothpaste to be responsible for. And if they’re each a different color even, it may help us identify the vandals.

Clorox (other similar) wipes was also a recurring theme.

There were also some of you who clearly had military backgrounds as you recommended standing sentry at the door and shoot any offenders who left the scene without cleaning up after themselves. Actually, you didn’t SAY you went that far, but we’re all adults here; we can read between the lines.

I’m just giving you a hard time. We actually operated like that when our first-born graduated out of crib. We’d stand at the door (peeking in), and the moment her foot touched the ground we came in to remind her to stay in bed. We were able to retire the shock collar pretty quickly, and we never again had trouble with her getting out of bed.

I think if we could all drill into our heads what we KNOW we should do, we’d have much more peaceful lives and better-disciplined children with brighter futures. It’s so much easier to train and develop good behavior at the outset with the investment of time and modeling and helping than it is to let them go on their own and then have to UNDO the bad habits they develop. Duh. But it takes work and it takes time away from our busy blogging schedules, I know. But on the back end, we’ll save time by not having to do as much cleaning up after the children or driving all the way downtown to bail them out of jail.

So thanks for the fantastic advice. It may indeed be a life-saver.

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Scott said...

For some reason, this post screwed up my blog. I posted by email, and it loused up the sidebar and fonts in other posts.
So I deleted it and reposted.
Unfortunately, this means that all the people who left comments will have their feelings hurt that they've been wiped out.
So to Cindy Swanson (you can see a link to her on the previous post below) and George W. Bush, I'm sorry your comments are gone. Please come back again soon, though.