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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Turn, Turn, Turn

I'm not really much of a complainer. (I HATE complainers. I could gripe and moan about complainers all day long. They're awful. Horrid.)

So I like winter. It's not my favorite season, but I can easily say it's in my top four.
But when it gets really, really, really cold, it wouldn't hurt if it also snowed and closed down the whole city for the day so we would have a good reason to stay home and build a fire and not go out in the cold at all.

But today it's just plain cold...single digits. And sunny and not a chance of snow. What purpose does the cold have if it's not to make snow. It can't be solely for the purpose of freezing our pipes, causing our cars not to start and killing our hibernating roses, can it?

To make matters even worse, I hopped over to my friend Mike's blog. On his blog he has the equivalent of a "nya nya nya nya nya nya" sitting there in his sidebar.
He doesn't literally have a video of him with his thumbs in his ears, sticking out his tongue and mocking us all, but he might as well. Instead, he masks it cleverly in the form of a weather widget reminding me snidely that it's sunny and 58 at this moment in Malibu where he lives.


Well, Mike, your weather-taunting has worked. We've bought our plane tickets, and we're flying out to see you AND your weather in a few months. (Hallelujah, tickets were almost free because we got bumped last year! Plus, we're killing two birds with one stone by flying to California to get to our Mexico Mission Trip AND to see these dear friends afterward.)

If anyone else wants to taunt us with your locale's balmy goodness, you'd best be prepared to open your home to our presumptuous little family of six. You've been officially warned.

Note: Mike is actually the nicest guy in the world, so if I caused anyone to believe he had evil intentions behind his weather widget, please don't be misled. On the other hand, I HAVE played Risk with him, and he is unnervingly bent on world domination. Nice guys usually are.


javamamma said...

So that probably means you'll never come see us because we're in the single digits as well. Sheesh.

mylittleducks5 said...

We are up here in NWI and it's FREEZING too. I am not a winter person, but I won't complain in my comment here. Let's just say it's not in my top 3-hahhaa This is just crazy cold and I hope Spring gets here soon. Wasn't there something in the news about global warming. Did it pass over Indiana??

Heather said...

Single digit weather was the reason I left IN. Oh yeah, and to get married. He wouldn't move to the Nawth, so I had to move to the South. Drat!

Big Doofus said...

I actually LIKE the cold and it only lasts for a season. Of course, I can get out of the cold and into a warm house, so I should be extra thankful.

I also get to travel a bit with work, so I'm able to escape to warmer climates a few times during the cold season.

This comment lacks humor. What's wrong with me?

carrie said...

ROFL! Not only will you NOT come visit me you will keep a good distance BETWEEN us...when we left for church this morning it was -18. That's right, NEGATIVE 18. That was what the thermometer said, which did not include wind chill. *sigh* I really dislike winter...not to mention I prayed that God would turn the heat up yesterday and it dropped a good 15 degrees. Some sense of humor God has...

Mr. E said...

It's been about 40+ degrees here in Texas the past few days. People here are saying they are "freezing". I bet that is nice weather for you guys.

By the way the blog you posted about the quote from ?Twister? helping people Google your blog, inspired me to write a blog about movie quotes. Test your movie quote skills.

Marmee said...

Maybe next time you guys could come to the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast. We enjoy mild winters and beautiful even milder summers! But don't tell anyone, we have enough people crammed up here already! Today we are enjoying 37 degrees and sunny skies. Quite lovely.

I don't have to go anywhere today b/c I'm sick. And I get to correct about 30 lessons of Saxon5/4 and Saxon Algebra 1/2 about which I am ecstatic! I shall be cross eyed by the end of it.

I think I'd rather be well and go out today and NOT have to correct - Ug.

Iris Flavia said...

No snow, but a sunny day over here. So cold, my ears still hurt. Malibu sounds like a good place to be right now ;-)