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Monday, February 25, 2008

O.K. Here's My Nasty Garage

I failed to get these photos done in time to put in the initial Tour post, so this is the addendum.

I hope you all feel that it was worth staying home from work, forgoing meals, neglecting your children and ignoring your beeping glucometer in order to keep refreshing my blog until the pictures arrived. (Just a couple more minutes and you'll be done and able to check on why your baby has been crying for the last 7 hours.)

Here they are. Below is the second of my work/tool areas. I can barely make out two saw-type tools along with a box of frozen chicken, a top hat and a lamp shade. Our garage would really make a great "I Spy" game.

Of course, I have to balance on the upside-down desk in order to build that birdhouse I've been wanting to make since '02.

I only recognize a few things in the above picture. Like some de-icer that stays in the garage instead of in the vehicles where it could actually be useful. And in case we need some monogrammed and dated beige napkins from our wedding in '94, we conveniently have them at our fingertips on the top red shelf in the small blue box next to the crockpot balanced on a picture frame.

Most of this junk was stored neatly on some wire shelving until the shelf gave way. Now it's on the floor. But that makes for good exercise because we have jump and climb to get over and around everything. Who needs a cardio machine when you have our garage?

Don't even tell me we're not organized. We have lots of tubs and boxes for storing things in. Then we shove them up next to the cars. Then we open the windows of the cars so that the kids can climb in.

Fortunately, the garage is wide, so we can store some bikes in between the two cars. It's also a great place to store the inflatable tube from the swimming pool. Sure, it would make sense to deflate that thing and store it someplace where it won't keep getting in the way, but that would totally fly in the face of everything I planned when I designed the look of the garage.

While I'm in no position to give organization advice to others, I can honestly tell you this: if your garage looks like something expelled from the bowels of hell like ours, then I recommend taking a picture of it from outside at night. It almost has a romantic air to it...don't you think?

And then, since it was in the same computer file, here's a nice photo my daughter took of some guacamole she helped make for Mom after the garage tour. Mom actually asked for a gallon of tequila after realizing that photos of the garage were going on the internet, but we convinced her that guacamole would be better for her.
Thanks for enjoying my garage. I look forward to showing you some "after" pictures in 2012 when we get it all shaped up! Now go out to your garage, take some pictures, write a post and link to it here so we can either 1) be impressed, or 2) make fun of it.

Either way, our lives will be richer.


javamamma said...

Are those homemade chips with the guac? Mmmmm.

Emily said...

I still have to dig out the picture. I think I'm gonna get left in the dust w/ all these great pictures.


Those are all yours. :)

AND SHAME ON YOU for not believing in me and my magical ability to bring cool people to love on your amazing wife.

I am THAT cool.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I cannot believe you posted those. Even more than that, I cannot you're not shamed into cleaning the garage today.

MLW said...

Love it! Just the other day Tiny had a friend drop her off from school and she wanted to show off her new pet mice. So, of course, being the gracious host I said "sure". That was before I realized that meant the kid's Mom would also come into the disgusting garage and see the mice. They weren't gone two-seconds when the enormity of the situation was thrust upon me (in the form of acrimonious stares and derogatory comments from the amazingly beautiful woman I live with). Gheesh, it was bad. Your posts and photos were perfectly timed to alleviate some of my shame.

Thank you!