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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Photo of Two Sweeties

I had to post this picture to share with all of you.

A group from our church just returned from Uganda where they worked with a school for AIDS orphans.
The children at our church had raised more than $5,000 to help the school expand, and they also sent over some goodies to sweeten the deal.

This shot shows the sweet Ugandan girl who received a card and gifts and a photo from my youngest. What a neat idea for our team to take pictures like this so that we can see both girls together, the giver and receiver. (Thank you Cynthia and Brad and all the others who went as our ambassadors.)

As God’s economy is amazing, I believe that Jenna will be as blessed by giving as this girl was by receiving.

It makes me all the more excited now for all of my girls to go to Mexico in June and meet firs-hand the kids who will be living in a house that we build with our very own hands. Some of you have already begun contributing for this building project; before we go, I'd LOVE to get pictures from you to take so we can get a picture of YOU with the family you're helping to build a house for. So go ahead make an appointment with Glamour Shots!


Tessa said...

I can't wait either! June couldn't come soon enough...

javamamma said...

Very sweet!

Emily said...

That's a great shot and an excellent idea. I wonder what she thinks of your ultra blond, blue eyed girl. Wonder if all Americans are like her. :)

I wish. :)

Kathleen Marie said...

My second daughter did a missions trip to Jamaica about 6 years ago. She was 16 then and my 16 year is planning on going to El Salvador this summer for 10 days. I think all kids should do this at some point in their life. Awesome and the photos are precious!

Marie said...

Scott, this comment is for the artwork section of your blog. But I was afraid you wouldn't re-read so here is my suggestion.
I had a cedar chest full of stuff that that my 3 boys had won/made/given/received etc over the years. One year for Christmas I bought three green trunks (KMart - they still sell them). And I put their individual stuff in those trunks and they got them for Christmas. I included important stuff like diplomas, birth Cert., anything I had of theirs went in their trunk. They had the most fun that day digging through those trunks. They were all pretty much grown - 15, 19 and 22 I think. But that was the Christmas that presents lasted longer than an hour. They still have them and those trunks can be added to.
Just an idea for your girls' artwork and special awards, etc. You could even do it now and divide and conquer. But not as much fun as doing it at Christmas time. Of course you do have to weed out some beforehand. You just can't have 13 years of stuff from school all crammed in there.

My idea and you can use it!! lol