"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Seriously, Something Is Up With This Girl

At the risk of our friends at Homeland Security flagging my blog, I will disclose to you the contents of my daughter's (MacGyver's) backpack:

In addition to the obvious things like homework and school supplies, this girl is hauling around rubber gloves and a whoopie cushion. (Plus the items in her coat pockets mentioned yesterday.)

Clearly there is something going on that her mother and I are unaware of. I don't think it's necessarily dangerous, but it certainly is weird.

We often go to a website where we can enter specific ingredients that we have in our pantry, and the robot-chefs there will tell us what delicious meals can be made from them. I wonder if there is a similar site that can tell us what our daughter might be up to with the whoopie cushion, rubber gloves, electrical tape, toothpicks and chapstick.

Ring a bell? Any ideas?


Big Doofus said...

When I Googled "rubber gloves" "whoopie cushion" I came up with a blog called "Farts R Fun!"

javamamma said...

I am absolutely positive my MacGyver hubby could come up with something!

ET said...

Can I get the URL to that pantry items website? Sounds like something I'm in desperate need of.

Sileena said...

No help on the macgyver daughter however, I would like the link for the pantry helper chef thing. Please?