"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Friday, February 29, 2008

Snd hlp.

At this moment I am at the local ice rink.
If this posts, it means that my blackberry works.
It also means that I survived lacing and tying a gazillion skates.
I'm not skating personally, mainly due to the fact that I hate lacing and tying skates. But when I volunteered to bring my children plus three others, I failed to factor in that as the only adult with these seven children I had unwittingly signed up for a round-trip ticket to my own personal hell.

Now that I've made it through and beyond that 5th concentric circle (populated by at least three pairs of skates too big or small as well as several laces too long or short) I can enjoy a bit of a break...

...until it's time to start locating the missing shoes.

Thank you for your pity. It is much appreciated.

(Note: In spite of the sheer terror of the moment, it really is a fun evening out with the kiddos.)


Becky K. said...

I cannot tell my daughter, Chelsea, that there is a dad that was willing to take kids skating. She was begging to go just this afternoon. I, her mother, was not willing to take her.
You have just passed into sainthood in my book...well, almost. I have read your blog!
Maybe you are on your way to sainthood.

Big Doofus said...

I love skating. We also like to roller skate. The only issue I have with ice skating is that it KILLS your ankles.

javamamma said...

"...I had unwittingly signed up for a round-trip ticket to my own personal hell."

I so love this line!

Chris said...


I spent Wednesday afternoon schlepping girl scout cookies from Scout Hut to car to garage in 20 degree weather. Does that count?

At that point, I was wondering why my daughters (bless their hearts) are such over-achievers and felt compelled to go for the "free tuition to camp" level, thus rendering us with a garage full of 800+ boxes of cookies to deliver and collect payment on. I should tack on a fuel surcharge.

Love your blog.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You are a super amazing wonderful incredible husband. Thank you for lacing all of those skates. I love you.

Ma said...

You Have Lost Your Mind.

I took two of my kids (6, 3) roller skating recently for the first time. They nearly clawed the life out of me, and when they weren't doing that--their flying feet were bruising up the rest of my poor, poor body.

Marmee said...

What a dad! You rock! ;-)