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Monday, February 25, 2008

Tour Of Scary Garages

Welcome to the Tour...sort of. This may take all week; who knows?
For those who have no idea what you've just stumbled upon, here's just a bit of the back story if you're looking for even more reading material.

I don't know how I let my life slip away from me, but I'm sure it happens to you too. I'm going to have to add my photos later [o.k. here they are in this post], but I said this post would be here today, and I'm going to keep my word because I don't want my pants to catch on fire.

Even though the photos are really what make a tour of scary garages the spectacular event that it should be, I want to go ahead and get Mr. Linky working for the thousands of garage-owners chomping at the bit to get this party started.

Here's a photo to whet your appetite and give you a general feel for the theme I'm trying create in my garage:

Once you see my actual photos, you'll notice we really DO park two vehicles in this garage. That in itself is nothing short of miraculous. God is indeed good to our family.

[insert photo of car parked with 1/4 inch of clearance on the passenger side where the Great Wall of China has been recreated out of countless unknown objects we don't need but I coudn't possibly throw away. The driver's side is almost entirely blocked in by 17 children's bikes with just enough space for a small human to shimmy into the car.]
But when you look a little closer, you'll notice that it is quite impossible to get INTO one of these vehicles, but at least they're out of the elements, and that's what garages are for, right? The children all have to climb in through the driver's door. At least we have easy access to the bikes, because you know how important it is to have those bikes on hand in the middle of the winter on the ice.

[insert photo of assorted unrelated items including books, toys and voodoo dolls scattered on garage floor]
The shelves that came with the garage are a nice touch. Unfortunately, if you put stuff ON the shelves, it collapses and you find everything on the floor. And that's where it has to sit until spring when the weather is nice enough to roll the vehicles out so we can do some cleaning in here.

[insert photo of tool area with one or two tools and 500 non-tool-related objects.]
Heaven forbid I ever have to USE one of these tools. Can you imagine if I actually had a project or wanted to get something done? What would I do?

And yes, that's a mattress hanging from the ceiling.
And a sewing machine on top of the freezer.
And a top hat.
And 43 gallons of paint we'll never use.
And some potted plants that never had a chance.
And a rug stained with blood from meat from when the freezer thawed with the door ajar.

I really do feel like a loser not having the photos for you because it's all quite an impressive sight. I hope that tonight I'll be able to make the magic happen.

Join in on the fun. After you've posted about your garage in all it's glory, come back here and enter your name in the top box. Then enter your specific post address (not your main page) in the bottom box. Could it BE any easier?


Emily said...

I'm within a quarter of an inch of joining.

I'll see if I can find the pic. of our storage garage. Would that count? as I don't actually have a garage.

javamamma said...

Ya know the day after your announcement of the 'tour' - my husband swept out and tidied our garage. He hadn't even read your post. Garage must be synonymous with 'almost spring'.

Tim said...

Don't panic, Scott. I've got a Tour of Garages post ready, and I'll publish it tonight (Kathy is forcing me to hold it back for double use under the Works for Me Wednesday category. Hopefully I'll still be your first Mr. Linky customer.

Tina in Thailand said...

I can't believe you only two contenders in the Tour of Scary Garages. Perhaps you should have opened it up to include storage units as well.

In defense of Tim's garage, I can testify to the fact that it does get cleaned up, in fact we have spent the night out there.

Wait a minute, do you think that could have been some kind of hint for us to go home for the night instead of crashing at their place? :)

My mom had a plaque on our wall as kids:
Clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be happy.

Your garage is ecstatic!

Scott said...

Anyone is welcome to show pics of out-of-control storage units, laundry rooms, bedrooms, closets, offices, cars.
Be messy.
Be proud.