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Monday, February 18, 2008

You Show Me Your (garage) And I'll Show You Mine

My wife is a wonderful homemaker. You may have seen photos of our home at Christmastime, and she really does make it a warm, inviting place. Magazine cover material. (Children's bedrooms excluded.)

Then there's the garage.
That's my territory, and you can totally tell.

I've seen a couple of immaculate garages in real life, but in general, most friends' garages I've seen have been as scary as mine.

Even if that's not true, I plan on reading that sentence often enough that I'll start believing it.

I'm interested in seeing some of YOUR awful garages. It's the middle of winter, and you all aren't out there keeping it tidy, are you? There will be time for that in the spring.

So I'm stealing an idea from that mzungu* Boomama's Christmas Tour Of Homes. (She said I could, I swear.)

I am hereby officially inviting anyone who wishes to help me feel better about MY hideous garage to show me YOURS. Starting next Monday, I'm going to have a Linky Thingy here at HoneyIFedTheKids so that interested parties can waltz right through everyone else's death-trap-of-a-garage effortlessly.

Just post pictures on your blog and describe your garage in all it's glory. Then hop over here and use the Linky feature you'll find here next Monday and within minutes--BAM--you'll start feeling better about your cursed garage when you see others who have worse.

(Of course, if no one else's is as bad as yours, you'll just despise yourself more. But cheer up; I'll send the Owner Of The Scariest Garage something nice to dull the pain.)

Things about your garage that may make me feel better about my own?

-Inability to park cars in garage.
-Stuff that fell to the ground three months ago and remains exactly where it landed.
-Impossible to walk through.
-A tool area with very little hope of actually finding the tool you need.
-Dead animals

In general, this contest/tour is targeting men because we're slobs, but women are invited to join as well. Or embarrass your lazy hubby by posting about his nasty garage, and then show him the blog after it's been published for the whole world to see.

To wet your appetite, here's a small glimpse at the cleanest, most-organzied section of my domain.

This truly is the cleanest area of my garage. I couldn't get any closer than this to take the photo, because there is a bike and an upside-down desk in the way (see the dark green leg in the left of the picture?). This is my tool area, complete with a non-functioning gumball machine, a frisbee, a remote control, a can of paint, a screw disorganizer and ONE wrench. Please help me if I ever need a different-sized wrench.

Check in anytime next week to join the fun. You don't have to leave a comment today unless you really want to get me excited about your stupid garage in advance.

[note: if you post pictures of a spiffy clean garage, that's okay too. Lame-o's like me need inspiration from nerds like you.]

*"mzungu" means "white person" in Uganda.


mom huebert said...

I can't wait...

Ma said...

Garage????? Is THAT what you call that Dumping Ground?

javamamma said...

This should be interesting. Ours isn't too bad since we can park 2 cars in it but it has it's areas.

Not sure I should break the Proverbs 31 rule "she does her husband good and not evil all the does of her life". Is it evil to flaunt your husband's 'garage-keeping' habits?

hulagirlatheart said...

Because my husband is OCD neat, you could eat off the floor of our garage. He would twitch if it were any messier. I twitch because it isn't. Can I borrow a little junk?

Big Doofus said...

Our grandmother has a garage that is immaculate and you could literally eat off the floor, too. My father-in-law painted the floor with that stuff that makes it look like one giant piece of linoleum. It's a very pleasant place to be.

Our garage is actually not that bad. Since I've been a home-owner (13 years) I've insisted that a garage is a place to put your car or cars. We make every effort to keep that up.

nicole said...

Husband just cleaned our garage this weekend! It was in pretty bad shape prior to that. Maybe I will share pictures of a clean, organized garage for inspiration. And I'm definitely going to point Husband your direction, blog-wise.

Sniz said...

I beg to differ with Big Doofus. Our garage is "that bad" although we don't have dead animals.

Cindy said...

I hope this inspires you.

Next you should post a picture of your office. Talk about scary!

Tim said...

Two of my neighbors across the street have those immaculate-style garages. One had the effrontery to apologize for the 'messiness' of the garage, because there may have been a speck of dust on the floor, or something.

My garage is, well, not so neat. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to build up others in comparison, if Kathy is not too ashamed to let me post.

FabTheMayor said...

I absolutely can't wait for this!! I am totally in. Only DH won't let me take pictures of any of the dirt bikes, motorcycles, or 4 wheelers parked in there. But the cluttered workbench and dead animal - I'm all over it : )

JAM said...

We've lived in our present home for ten years. Not one of our cars has ever been parked inside the garage.