"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Monday, March 31, 2008

Have I Told You Lately?

It's about time I wrote about how awesome my wife is again.

It's not unusual for me to write silly posts about my crazy life and all the interesting quirks of fatherhood.

Every once in a while, though, I get in one of those moods where I feel all mushy about my wife. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. She hasn't bought me some giant leather recliner or found a new kind of cheese for me to enjoy. And I'm not in the doghouse or trying to dig out of some hole I've created for myself. (Well, actually, I usually am, but that's unrelated.)

I'm just sitting here this morning thinking about my life and realizing how absolutely crucial Cindy is to all of it. Obviously, I wouldn't be a father without her. And I wouldn't be able to have the kind of home we have without her here making it the castle it is for me. Even my career is totally enhanced by her involvement. She is always dreaming and sharing ideas and offering to do anything that needs done in my ministry. I'm so blessed to have her.

I can't help but feel guilty that I bring much less to this marriage than she brings. Even if I wished and prayed and hoped to do/be more, and if all those wishes/prayers/hopes were realized, I'd just turn around to find that she's leaped even farther ahead. I supppose that shouldn't keep me from trying to be the best husband I can be.

I love this lady.

Oh great.
I've already written that I'm getting my office cleaned and organized this week (so not like me).
Now I'm getting all serious today about my wife.
Am I going through Man-opause? Can I expect to feel hot flashes next?

Beware. Who knows what tomorrow's post will be like?
Excuse me while I go cry for no apparent reason.


Halfmoon Girl said...

What a great post. This will make your wife's day. She says the same kind of stuff about you.

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Very sweet!

Jenny said...

I'm glad that you took the time to say (write down) the things you were thinking. If encouraging words is even a little bit of her love language, she will be incredibly blessed by this post.

Gayle said...

Awwwww...Man-o-pause or not, that was incredibly sweet. She loves you like that, too Scott.

javamamma said...

Man-o-pause. Ha, that's a good one. Do you tear up at "October Sky" too?

Tammy said...

Stuff your face with chocolate, it always helps!

hulagirlatheart said...

Try some chocolate and ice cream. It will make you feel better. Nice post.

Tim said...

I am constantly amazed at the disparity between what my wife and I bring to the marriage. Like you, I sometimes (often?) suspect that my wife is getting the short end of the stick, yet she still seems to like and appreciate me.

In my case, I credit her choice of me as lifetime companion to my blitzkrieg wooing, in the absence of a credible competing offer. Returning to college after a 4-year hiatus, I quickly identified Kathy as my future bride and stole a march on the rest of the Christian 'men' at our school. Armed with a car and a little more money than most of them had, I showered Kathy with gifts, love notes, and focused attention. My so-called 'competition' allowed themselves to be distracted by such unimportant details as classes, exams, and a lack of cash. Many of them didn't even know what they were looking for in a wife, poor saps.

Maybe you (like me) ended up with a wife beyond your desserts through the exercise of similar strategies?

JustAnotherBlogger said...

Amen for awesome wives--I've got one too!