"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We Are Terrible Parents

I KNOW that we are terrible parents.
Our daughter just TOLD us.

It was in the middle of Mom-and-Dad-Loudly-Sing-Songs-From-The-80's-Night at our house. We had just experienced a total eclipse of the heart and were about to get footloose when one daughter ran upstairs in honest-to-goodness tears . We kept singing despite the protests; in fact the only effect the complaints had was to make us want to sing louder.

Instead of applause, we received "You are terrible parents. And you are terrible singers."

Did we cry? No, we sang a little Lionel Richie to see if that might win the crowd over.


Then we discovered we were on to something.

"O.K. Kiddoes, everytime you disobey, we will sing another song!"

They did a wonderful job folding laundry and getting ready for bed after that.

Makes me want to break out into song, but our children have been quite good, so I won't.


Beth said...

You've learned the secret! But let me tell you one better. Sing 80's music to the kids while you are in the car! They have no where to hide and you can get them to agree to anything!

FabTheMayor said...

You crack me up. Picture this... me and Oldest Child and another 13-ish girl and her father in the parking lot at church waiting for youth group to start. Both girls telling us do not, under any circumstances, embarrass them. Oopsie! Sorry! He found an 80ish radio station, opened up the sunroof,we rolled down all the windows...and sang at the tops of our lungs.

The Other Huse said...

simply. brilliant.

Ma said...

Any way you can get the children Running Away From You is a Positive Parenting Method in my book.

Jenny said...

Could you post a little video on youtube of this? You guys are too funny!

Emily said...

Nothing like a reality check from a 10 year old, huh?

hulagirlatheart said...

I discovered this behavior modification trick when my daughter was about eleven years old. She's fifteen now, and my husband and I still use this tactic when she acts like a yahoo in public. If she's especially bad, we do a little PDA. That REALLY straightens her up. Hopefully, it also gives her a little taste (no pun intended) of how silly she'll look during the dating years when she's tempted to wallow all over a boy in public.

javamamma said...

You guys are a hoot! Oh, and I really like that last comment. Parents PDA in public places - yeah.

Marmee said...

Man, I already tried this and they just laugh.

I have to sing really, really high to get any reaction from them.

Last night I tried singing "Let's hear it for the boy" when Danny Noriega was voted off AI. They squirmed a little.

My kids have a high threshold for pain, I tell ya!

Mr. E said...

Read your comment on my blog. I have posted a couple of blogs about my OCD. Here are the links to them, believe me though there will be more.





Plus every blog about the current Political news is OCD related...every time a new priamary goes down, I can't wait to update my fellow bloggers about the news. Not like you guys can't hear about it yourself on the news.

chickadee said...

that might work at my house too.

love your new look. you are talented.

Sharon-Momn4boys said...

THAT is so funny. I can just see the indignant little thing flouncing up the stairs. LOL

Kathleen Marie said...

Ha! That is cute. I wish I would have tried that one!