"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Working Out While On Vacation

We're staying for a couple of nights at what my girls have labeled "The Best Hotel Ever." What put it over No-Tell-Motel and Shady Acres Rooms By The Hour, you ask?

1. The endless supply of free Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in the lobby. When the new stock of Chocolate Chip comes in, watch out!
2. There are no other kids that we have seen. That means we have the indoor pool all to ourselves.
3. Free Breakfast. (Of course, I know that "free" cookies and "free" breakfast means we just paid more for our room, but if we eat $100 worth of cookies, we'll just consider the room to be free.)
4. We also got four "free" backpacks/bags of goodies from the nice lady at the desk. The goodies included more cookies, lemonade mix and GOGGLES for swimming...big hit. The bags themselves are a little ugly, but hey, they gave they gave us two more bags than allowable by the fine print so I'm not complaining.
5. Finally, there is a fitness room with weights and equipment and such. We actually aren't ever going in there. Who needs to when you have:
Yes, that's my wife's luggage. It's my portable workout system. I haul it all to the car, to the hotel, to the bed, to the closet, and to the corner so I can take this picture. In addition to the big suitcase--the one on the bottom you can't see hidden by the purse--we have the shoe bag on the right, the laptop bag on the left, the toiletry/make-up bag on top next to the pillow which doubles as a carry for miscellaneous clothing items that didn't make it into the suitcase.

I should post some before&after photos of my biceps so you can appreciate just how much of a workout it is to travel with a WIFE AND FOUR DAUGHTERS.

I must admit, none of it's really all that heavy; there are just so many stinkin' bags. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining. With a wife and four daughters, I've known for YEARS the difference between men and women and their packing habits.

And don't fret. My wife gets a workout too...if she chooses to carry MY bag and all that I've brought:

(O.K. That's just my hotel bag for the first couple of days, but my other bag is the same size and had room enough left to take a set of queen sheets for the bed at the rental house plus the pencil box which contains the girls' toothbrushes and tooth paste and deodorant. )


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Yes, just to clarify... that is my stuff for an entire WEEK including the computer, directions for our trip, Bible bowl for the kids, ETC. I think I did fairly well. :)

Thank you for always carrying my junk and never complaining. Except on your blog.

AMANDA said...

I think Cindy did really well considering you guys will be gone for a week! A girl has to be prepared for any fashion situation! :)

javamamma said...

I was just telling my hubby a couple weeks ago that men's packing disgusts me. Well, really it just frustrates me that it's so simple for him and....so not simple for me and three little ladies.

Tammy said...

You da' man!

I am lovin' your blog! Happy vacation and best of luck with that workout routine.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You pack like my husband- he just doesn't understand why I need a change of clothes- huh?

Stacy said...

Sounds fun! I love that picture of Cindy's bags. And. Us women know that we need to pack lots of stuff to be prepared for, well, ANYthing.

For the first few years of our marriage, I carried all of our toiletries in a basket with a handle. I thought it was just the HANDIEST thing ever-- all those shampoo-sized bottles stood upright, everything else just tucked in and it was so easy to get into (no unzipping and digging around).

And then Mark mentioned that he did not particularly *like* carrying in a BASKET of toiletries. [For some reason that sort of embarrassed him or something?] Of course he didn't mention this until the first trip I didn't have it along, when he practically did a dance about the fact that there was no basket. Huh. Who knew? I sure hadn't.

So for his sake I now pack all of our toiletries in an annoying BAG.

And now I'm sort of chuckling at myself because I'm sure you don't really care to know this little travel story of Stacy and Mark's. But now that I've spent the time typing it I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway. :)

Happy travels! Hope you guys have a BLAST!


Emily said...

I will promptly email you a picture of our Suburban for our 5 day trip.

You will thank your wife for being so neat and tidy. :)

Anonymous said...

And Emily I will email a picture of the SEVEN of us packed into a toyota sienna for a week in Buffalo (maybe snow/maybe sun - who knows...). We woman have to bring stuff for "who knows what will happen" - hence the multiple bags - deal with it!

This whole post and the comments made me laugh!!!!!!!