"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blender Tag

Oops. I forgot to tell Greek GRITS Tammy and Hospitality Lane Becky K. that I had already called time out before they "tagged" me. Naw. Just kidding, friends. I'm such a good sport that I'll appease both of you sweet ladies at the same time with a combined post.

One of the tags requests 7 random or weird facts about me; the other wants to know what I was doing 10 years ago, what's on my to-do list tomorrow, what snacks I like and what I'd do if I were a billionaire.

So as I pull those out of the blender...

Here are the 7 random or weird items on my to-do list from 10 years ago when I was a billionaire in the snack food industry:

1. Have a talk with the governess about being quieter in the mornings
when taking care of our almost 2-year-old Cassie. Cindy and I need a
little more shut-eye after jetting back so late from Paris.

2. Wallpaper the guest room with 100-dollar bills and caviar.

3. Buy a country villa...or a country.

4. Remind Cindy to decide which tux I should wear at the gala for the
opening of the new wing at the hospital named after me. (The "Honey, I
Operated On the Kids" Wing?)

5. Go hunting for bald eagles. It's never to early to plan for
Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Hire someone to learn Japanese for me.

7. Adopt at least a dozen children. (I put this one in here
for you, Cindy. I know 12 is a low number, but this is just one day's
to-do list. We can adopt another 12 next week, babe.)

Wow. That was fun. It feels kind of freeing to be so vulnerable and real with you all like this.

Because I have little experience with this process, consider yourself tagged if:
1. "E" is the third letter of your middle name.
2. Your pet and/or child peed on your couch in the last week.
3. You just colored your hair for the 3rd time in 2 days.
4. Your answering machine only has messages from political campaigns or research groups.
5. You're on bed rest.
6. You eat braunschweiger.
7. You still own a phone with a cord.

(I assure you, if ALL of those apply to you and you still don't want to be tagged, just write me and I'll send you the exemption paperwork. If really shouldn't take more than a few hours to fill out; I'm sure you'll think it's worth it.)


javamamma said...

Well, NONE of those apply to me at all but I do like your spin on this tag, so maybe.... Nah.

I'm horrified to not have your AI comments at my disposal. What's up with that?

Becky K. said...

You are such a good sport. Sorry, I missed the "time out!"

Becky K.

mom huebert said...

Uh oh. It looks like I've been tagged: I eat braunschweiger; and we own, and use, a phone with a CORD!

But --what have I been tagged for?

Tammy said...

Bwahahahaha.....can I be chief of Nurse Anesthetists at your fancy hospital! :-)

Thanks for playing. Time In.

Tyna said...

Well, no one peed on the couch, but my 3yr old peed on the bathroom rug. I guess he figured it was close enough...

carrie said...

geez, I pop over here for once and see that I do in fact own a phone with a cord. But it's not my MAIN phone, just a back up in case of a power outage, so I'll take that as my exemption to opt out of this tag.

I'm really good with the excuses.

Iris Flavia said...

Good one - but... What´s this?!

"6. You eat braunschweiger."

I just ask, cause... I´m livin´ in Braunschweig and feel a wee bit concerned?

You´re not coming over, together with mom huebert, and eat us all up, no?

Is it some kind of sausage? Is it made of lion-meat (Braunschweig is the town of Duke Henry the Lion)? Is it expensive, hence?

Jodie said...

You eat braunschweiger?!! !!!! !! !
Dude. That is funny stuff. Your blog is A-W-E, S-O-M-E, AWESOME, AWESOME, T O T A L L Y! (I hope you read that as a high school cheer. For that is indeed what it were.)

Oh, and I'm sure you've heard this before but, you're terribly clever.