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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dearly Beloved...

Usually, I can count on my wife to be wise and discerning.
Occasionally, though, she makes a bad choice.
Like today, on her post.
Don't get me wrong. The post itself is wonderful and sweet and all. It's about our dear friends and their journey and how the next part of their journey should take place on a ship.

The problem is the photo she included of me and Phil at our wedding (mine and Cindy's, not mine and Phil's.)

He emailed her and commented on it as well.
"With the headings of 'Still His Girl' and 'Great Romance,' and then the picture of Scott and I standing together in tuxedos, I thought that it made your blog look like it could be a g@y marriage promo. But you should probably not mention that on the blog."

Oops. I just did.
If you have it in you, you're invited over to Cindy's blog to read about Phil and his wife Lisa who gave birth to quads and how you can help them win a contest by voting for their video. I believe that voting also enters you for a prize (free Princess cruise) as well.


Richard J said...

Scott--Please thank your wife for giving me one of the best laughs I've had in a long time. Classic!

I'll go back and read the story once I've stopped laughing...

mylittleducks5 said...

That is funny. I never even thought that. Although now that you mention it....hhmmmm
@hsb SeekingJesusnTeachingkids

javamamma said...

My mind must be nothing but pure because I didn't think twice about the photo. ;)

Stretch Mark Mama said...

I thought that looked a bit like "Adam and Steve" up there. Congratulations, you two. :) Snnerrrrkk.

THEhooahwife said...

OH thank you, thank you, thank you! Both you and Cindy both! I needed a laugh desperately today! :)

Tammy said...

{laughing out loud in my living room}
Kids are wondering what in the world mom is laughing so hard about.

Have you ever seen the blog with the "awesomeness of olan mills"?? It is too funny and your photo would fit right in. ;-)

Gayle said...

I totally thought that. :D