"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Monday, April 7, 2008

Giveaway Winner Announced (insert award show music here)

You can probably guess why I hardly slept last night.

The anticipation was killing me.

I awoke early and headed to the garage to build myself a handy little wooden wheel to spin and pick a winner for the office contest. I found a little plywood, some nails, a bolt, some washers, a few different colors of paint and board game.

In the interest of time (and energy), I left the first five items in the garage and decided just to use a spinner from the board game.

And now, I just need to give this wheel a little spin...
Fooey. I flicked it, and it just hit my fingers and stopped abruptly. I hate it when that happens.
Second try. Oooh. On the line.
Third try. Blue!!!
We have a winner!
Congratulations to "Tina from Thailand!"

I'm kind of hoping that "Thailand" is a code name for a town in an adjacent county or state for mailing purposes, but I have a hunch we're talking the country formally known as Siam. Which is cool, too, in a sort of Asian way. My grandparents were actually missionaries in Thailand long, long ago with the Lisu people up north, and I am hoping to get over there some day in the future. There are so many intriguing stories of their time on the mission field, including my dad being born in a prison camp during WWII and other brushes with death.

So Tina, drop me a line (my email link is on the sidebar, I think), and we'll figure out how to send you some stuff that is really, really cool, but not cool enough to warrant staying in my office.

And to those of you who lost: If the hope of winning this contest was the only thing keeping you alive, let me know, and we'll see what we can do to keep you hanging on for another couple of weeks until my office devolves into its usual bottomless cesspit.


javamamma said...

Death shall now overtake me, since I have no more reason for living.....

Big Doofus said...

I never even had a chance to enter. It's like I shot myself in the foot or something. I'm not even sure what that means. Who cares. It's all MEANINGLESS.

But anyway, I'm back from Las Vegas and decided to catch up on your blog. As always, superb.


Scott said...

Big Doofus,
Have no fear, even though you didn't officially enter, I have a ton of junk I need to unload, and I think they charge me by the pound at the landfill.
If you want to be the runner-up, I'll gladly drop off your winnings in your drive-way!

Tim said...

Hooray, Tina! Congratulations!

Scott, recommend you send something very light -- she does, indeed, live in Thailand (the country), not Thailand, Ohio.

Tina in Thailand said...

Tim speaks with sage wisdom and foreknowledge. He has mailed packages to us before. Maybe a solutions is just to send us the gift card in a cheap envelope, and entrust the grand prize to Tim's house. It is in the same country after all. :) Surely they have space next to the Scrabble tile.

But that battery powered car would be great for sending the kids to the corner store for eggs. Maybe the dogs would leave them alone if they were powering down the lane in a toy jeep.

How cool that your parents worked with the Lisu. You should definitely come for a visit.