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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Really? Did I Just See That? Did YOU?

I wasn't planning on blogging tonight. You know, I had to watch "American Idol Gives Back" with the family, and it was, like, 2 1/2 hours long. Who knows if I'd even stay awake all the way through it.

But as the show ended, the Idol contestants came out in all white outfits and sang, "Shout To The Lord." (The song with the mountains bowing down, seas roaring and such.)

Really? Isn't that a church song? About Jesus and God and all?

I know that it's not likely that any non-Christians who hears that song are going to be converted by the song's awesomely fantastic goodness. However, as a Christian, it wrapped the night up wonderfully for me.

Throughout the show, I saw video after video of sorrow, grief and despair and celebrities and stars moved to tears at what they were experiencing in various corners of our world. Their messages and pleas for us to reach out to the least of these was not a new one. The call to help widows and orphans, to extend a hand to the poor and downtrodden, has been echoing through the ages.

Before Jesus' death, he spent three years touching lepers and feeding the hungry and preaching a message just like Annie Lennox, Bono, Daughtry, Reece and many others shared tonight.

I pray that every belly is filled, that every sickness is attended to and that every child is cared for.

Perhaps, if you have yet to follow Jesus' instructions to give, serve and love, maybe a crazy little show like American Idol has opened your eyes to a need and your ability to meet it. Whether it's sending money to "Idol Gives Back" or volunteering at a local homeless shelter or reading with struggling schoolchildren, I hope you find joy in your selfless acts of love.

We can leave this world in better shape than it was when we got here. WILL we?


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

oh sweet, now I don't have to sit through it.

was it worth sitting through?

I just feel like Idol Gives Back can be a bit...redundant. I hate that I feel that way.

Thanks for the update, though....I'm wondering if it's the "Shout to the Lord" song I'm thinking of.. "mountains bow down and the seas will roar, with the sound ... " etc. I'm going to at least watch the end!

Scott said...

Yes, Huse, that's the song. I went ahead and added that into the post for others wondering like you.
It's worth sitting through if you have fast-forward and can skip through the lowlights.

We liked Billy Crystal, Miley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood to name a few.

The show was barely tacky at all.

Tammy said...

Preach it brother Scott. You got an amen here. I couldn't believe they sang that song either. So many shows and commercials sneak Satan in on us, but tonight the number one show in America snuck God in and they didn't even know it!

Shout to the Lord and Praise the Lord.

Jenny said...

It was so awesome for them to close the show out with that song!! Jesus has been mentioned on AI the last couple of weeks. I'm liking that a whole lot!! Whoo-hoo!!

THEhooahwife said...

They actually sang THAT song on national TV?! Scandalous! I tear up every time I sing that song... it moves me.

I have to say, I am impressed. I never watch the show, if only not to get addicted, but that really makes me wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye.

At least, in a show titled "American IDOL" there is some reference to the TRUE God!

God will get His glory! One way or the other!

javamamma said...

I mentioned to my hubby that these people (IA) seem to act more like Christians than many 'real' ones. Which, honestly, nauseates me....on my part I mean. I'm totally thrilled that the Gospel is shining through this season of Idol!

ET said...

Really? They sang "Shout to the Lord?" AMAZING!!!!! Waaahooo and praise the Lord. He really can do so much more than we could ask or imagine. (Like, did anyone ever dare to imagine that God would use American Idol to spread His Name - and a couple weeks in a row???)

Sara said...

I was in tears, and shocked, and amazed. You're right, it wrapped the night up nicely.

Emily said...

I just had to see it on Youtube. i'm literally speechless. Who's decision was that?


Linda said...

I can't believe the brou-ha-ha from Christians over the omission of Jesus' name. I was totally touched by the song. Tonight's elimination was crazy, wasn't it? Looks like he didn't rock the ascot good enough. (Makes me think of The Clash.)

Mr. E said...

My family and I haven't kept up with American Idol this year. Maybe we should have. I would have been just as surprised as you when they sang "Shout to the Lord!" Maybe they are recognizing that contemporary Christian music can be just as popular as other genres. In the past they have discouraged singing Christian music. Praise God, they sang that song!