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Friday, April 11, 2008

What Do You Think Of Idol Worship?

Sorry to have a third post this week related to American Idol. I really do have a life outside of that show. For example, I'm anxiously awaiting the next episode of Battlestar Galactica and Dancing With The Stars.
(Oh, and sometimes I even spend time with my wife and children, or possibly go to work.)

But for those who don't watch American Idol and haven't heard this tidbit of joy, I wanted to share that the contestants came back again on Thursday night and kicked off with a repeat of "Shout To The Lord."

Whereas on Wednesday they "safened" the lyrics by singing "My shepherd, my savior," Thursday they went ahead and sang it straight-up "My JESUS, my savior." Either way, a powerful and significant song and moment.

The audience was on its feet again, and my wife was sitting on the couch with a hand raised and glistening eyes.

I know that not everyone can appreciate Christian praise and worship songs, and I hope that they'll tolerate this development this week as much I tolerate some of the stuff that comes out of the mouths on Idol at other times.

I just wanted a couple of you readers who never watch tv to get that update. There were a few moments of worship on stage at American Idol and in living rooms throughout the country two nights in a row.

Enjoy it while it lasts, and then head to your local church this weekend and pick up where the show left off.

Sing loud, go ahead and shout to the Lord in church this Sunday!
And to prove that I'm not overly obsessed with American Idol, I'll be posting later today on a non-television-related topic. Most likely cheese.
Unless the contestants sing "A Mighty Bulwark Is Our God" in a special tonight. You never know.


Big Doofus said...

I've never watched a full episode because I'm so freakin' holy. Actually, I've just never gotten into that show. I DID watch quite a few episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" when IndyCar driver Helio Castroneves was on--an WON!!!

Every once in a while, something comes along and surprises you like this. Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

You should link to the Youtube spot. It's almost unbelievable really... And I watched it twice and both times cried. I love that weepy Cindy. :)

Sara said...

It was wonderful, again, the second time, and it seemed huge didn't it. Our Jesus right up there on the American Idol stage, without shame or fear that someone with different beliefs would be offended. Awesome, I was so proud to be an american.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if anyone else's heart sang the way mine did last night and the night before. It was an awesome moment. I loved the song...it's one of my favorites!

Scott said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Emily. I've now added a youtube video which keeps getting more awesome each time I watch it.

Tammy said...

It was MOST awesome. I have been singing that song in my head all day.

The Lord was in that place last night and in all those homes viewing!

Oliver said...

I thought it was an incredible moment that brought the name of Jesus to millions of people. I'm so glad they did it again Thursday night, with "My Jesus." Somebody at AI is connected with Him! And couldn't you tell that the contestants enjoyed singing it? They sounded awesome!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Love it, love it. Somehow, I managed to miss both performances, even after Cindy previewed them for me. I can be a bit of a channel surfer on results night. I went and listened on You tube Thurs night,and only heard the edited version- it was awesome, but made me a bit sad that we had gotten to the point where Jesus was edited out. Great to hear that the original words were used after all- I wonder what happened between Wed and Thurs? I like to read you and your wife's comments on AI and The Office- they are shows that we enjoy here too.

Gayle said...

Wow, Scott...thank you so much for posting this. I loved Sara's comment. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!