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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AI: Whatever Makes The Chihuahuas Happy

OH NO!I have had every intention of keeping my American Idol recaps completely devoid of any comment on the actual singing. But occasionally tonight, I paid attention to the songs and the voices. So don't be surprised if I accidentally let slip a statement or two about the singing.

Michael Johns needed a furry hat with a wacky feather to go with his neck scarf thing. While I'm not crazy about this look, it caught Paula's eye and heart: "you sound as good as you look." And evidently, Paula's chihuahuas are fans of his voice as well.

Syesha, I want my ring back. You know, the big honkin' one from that vending machine at Pizza Hut? I had to use about 7 quarters to finally get that particular ring, so I'll trade you both the spider ring AND the sparlkly mood ring to get that one back. (Email me.)

Jason Castro rocked on the ukelele. Unfortunately, it was a ukelele. No offense if anyone out there plays first seat ukelele in the London symphony; it's just that it's called a ukelele which makes me giggle...like the jew's harp or keytar. You're giggling too now, right?

Kristy Leigh, whose name I choose to spell differently each week, sang "Anyway" which can't even compete with my rendition in our minivan, but I appreciate her attempt. Actually, she did awesome. I just choose to believe that I'm awesomer.

While we're on a commercial break, let me insert a quick comment regarding Paula's clothing choice. If you saw it, you know exactly what I'm thinking. If you didn't, then... Oops. Commercial's over, so my comments about her chest and suffocation and puff pastries will have to wait.

David Cook. Oh. I'm counting the seconds until this song is over. Not working for me. He's one of my favorites, but this song demonstrates why I will only buy music singles online instead of whole albums. For "inspirational" song night, the only thing this song inspired me to do was sew some extra buttons on some lapels.

Something about Carly's leotard top made me expect to see some legwarmers when the camera panned out. But instead, I saw the belt that matched Wonder Woman's bracelets. That should protect her from Paula's chihuahuas.

David Archuletta sang "Angels" while playing the piano. It's almost like he was trying to outdo Jason with a heavier and more internationally-recognized instrument. I really liked the song, though I couldn't tell you what in the world it's about.

Brooke sang "You've Got A Friend" which I recognize from one of our James Taylor CD, now downloaded on the iPod. Cindy likes to play it when she cleans the house, because it makes her happy, she says. So needless to say, I had to get up in the middle of the song to spray some Pledge on the dining room table.
Now that the dusting is done, I must say that my favorites of the night are:
1. Michael John
2. Kristy Leah
3. David Archuletta

My least favorite was David Cook, but that was just tonight. I'm fickle, so he'll probably shoot up the list next week.

Oh, and to help you make sense of Michael John's neckwear in the coming weeks:

(Why not pop over to BooMama and sing a little bit of "One Moment In Time" for her as you check out some other AI reviews. Meanwhile, I'm off to get my wife some ice cream because she wrote her own recap as well and it took a lot out of her, I guess.)


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You are awesomer. No question.
Thanks for my ice cream, baby. :)

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I can see you and Cindy sitting down on opposite couches typing out your live-blogging commentary on AI. If you're anything like us, you're saying "quit asking me what I think, make up your own mind." :-)

Thanks for the great update.

I had to make sure to post mine before checking out either of yours....didn't want any spoilers!

fromthenarrows said...

I'm in stitches. You and your wifey poo crack me up!

Mamacita said...

Loved your Michael Johns-furry feather hat comment. Great review! :)

Linda said...

Are you sure you're not a mommy blogger? Because you sure read like one. Loved the re-cap. And now my comments per your comments:
1. I thought chihuahuas referred to those things popping out of Paula's dress?! 2. Ukelele are great. But are the pop stardom great? Maybe Tiny Tim great. I know; you're too young for Tiny Tim memories. 3. I will never be a fan of Country Lee Cook 4.I hated David Cook's gratuitous gesture. Yes, I used that word. 5. I thought the term was "juice harp." Really. I did. 6. My least favorite was David Cook as well. Great re-cap. We non-musicals must stick together.

Sara said...

you never fail to mak em me LOL Thanks!

mines up

javamamma said...

While Cindy's recap was definitely more informative, your's makes me snort. Thanks!

Headless Mom said...

your recaps make me smile!

JAM said...

I don't watch AI, but now I don't have to. I see you have it covered nicely.

Ukeleles, bad; keytar, good. Some things are simply SO lame that they come full circle and are cool. I watch VH1 Classics channel a lot and always shout out when someone in an old 80s video has a keytar. Same thing with accordions, so lame they're cool.

Melzie said...

aww I wish my dh would blog AI. I just with my dh would blog. I just actually if I were wishing I'd wish he would even TYPE his own stuff because he dictates it all to me. So you, if you are indeed typing this all by your self. You go boy. Nice reading your comments ;) xoxo melzie