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Monday, April 21, 2008

Where 20 Or More Are Gathered...

Perhaps you spent the weekend in your yard doing a little landscaping.
Maybe you were at the ball fields watching your children play.
Or were you curled up on the couch with a riveting book?

Or maybe you spent your weekend like I did, off in uncharted regions of rural Indiana at a retreat with 20-30 ministers,deacons and elders from your church. I know. It sounds invigorating, doesn't it?

Fortunately, I had prepared for the event. I packed earplugs, sleeping medication and wild cherry flavored M&Ms. (The plugs and medication were for bedtime, NOT for the meetings, even though the thought did cross my mind...)

Well, I can't tell you about everything we talked about. It's not secret; it's just that I zoned out half-way through and can't remember much of it. (Naw. I'm just kidding. It was good material and great discussion. Our church leadership rocks it like a hurricane.)

But what I do remember is our rip-roaring game of Uno that lasted well past 11:00 p.m. We wisely allowed our senior minister to win three hands in a row. Our worship minister, on the other hand, was not treated as gingerly, as he left the game at the end with nothing left but bloody stubs where his arms once were. We can be pretty harsh on those who play or draw cards when they shouldn't.

We didn't keep score, but I can report these results of the game: two staff members have left the ministry for good, 3 elders have been demoted to deacon, and 1 minister is on probation. It was THAT fun.


hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! We play pairs Uno at lunch at work, and it is wicked! It's a wonder any of us talk to each other after lunch.

carrie said...

bloody stumps?? sounds like my kind of game!

javamamma said...

Wow, you guys are totally intense.

Mr. E said...

Christians can be the most vicious game players of all! (ie: the gladiators of Rome)This story made me laugh.

Check out my latest blog for an incredible thing God is doing in my old High School!

JAM said...

I've been in church most of my life. I understand the importance of UNO and that it is, contrary to popular belief, a contact sport.


Linda said...

OHMYGOSH! Our staff was on retreat this weekend, TOO!

Big Doofus said...

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I guess you need to start policing your comments. Mine, for instance, was totally worthless.

On a more serious note, I will have to introduce you to a game called Kemps that I used to play with our youth group back in the day. It's also fun with adults who are crazy enough to let their guard down and play.

A hug.