"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Are All In My Prayers

I'm awfully worried about some epidemic that must be pretty rampant at this point.

Several people who visited my blog yesterday even commented about how sick they felt. Stomachs were churning and people were turning green.

I hopped around to other people's blogs, and it was weird. Nowhere else did I read about people retching or running for their vomit bowls.

Is it possible that there is some eerie link between my readers and this unknown epidemic? I know a lot of my readers are church-goers, so maybe there's some church-related connection...but I couldn't find one.

I really hate to think that the illnesses described were caused solely by my post yesterday. After all, the Fruity-Pebbles-Encrusted-Cream-Cheese-and-Strawberry-Jam-Stuffed French Toast was delicious by all measures.

Here's hoping more readers aren't afflicted.

For those of you that already are, let's get better in time for next week's Parmesan-and-Snickers-Glazed Tilapia.


javamamma said...

I was sick BEFORE the stuffed french toast so I don't think it's YOUR fault. :)

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Came across your blog from Travis Cottrell I think? We too have 4 little ladies and I always kid my husband that it's 4 weddings and his funeral. ;o) Great post!!

Oliver said...

Lucky Charms with marshmallows would have been an even better choice! Especially as the marshmallows melt in the pan! I didn't get sick when I read your post, I just thought how surprised my family would be if I made french toast! I do make a mean pancake, though. By the way, I like Snickers, but I think they go better with salmon. Top with sauerkraut. What a culinary delight...