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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Could She Be Any More Vague?

I often do some grocery shopping for the family. The store is right on the way home from work, so it's customary for me to call and see if we need anything when I head out.

Cindy sometimes keeps a shopping list handy so that if I call, she can rattle off the needs.

Today I called her from the store to see what else was needed besides milk.

She paused and gave a slight giggle.

She checked her list, and what had she written?

"Toilet Paper" and "Groceries."
Groceries? That's real clear.

So I grabbed some Cottonelle, Cheez-Itz and Little Debbies Oatmeal Cream Pies and then headed home. I would imagine she and I have very different definitions of "groceries."


Amy said...

SO my question is, could she get away with feeding you Little Debbies and Cheez-Its and calling it dinner?? hmmmm ...

it is nice that you call though ...

Gayle said...

What? No Velveeta?

javamamma said...

Poppin' in from Florida today...

Couldn't you have posted the 'loser' of this week's Idol? I missed it. Now I have to search the news. Sigh.

Tina in Thailand said...

She did tell you what KIND of paper. That is pretty specific.

A possible definition of groceries, in case this situation comes up again.

Groceries: Food purchased that can be assembled into reasonably nutritious meals that requires some preparation. (this can cover foods made from scratch, frozen meals that need to be cooked or stir fried, ect... or even bread and spreads.)

FYI you purchased snacks. Open and eat. Not groceries. :)

Life In Progress said...

Hilarious. My husband always comes home with the MOST nutritious food when he shops too. I've learned I must be very specific!!

Tim said...

I'm impressed that you can do this over the phone. I've found that I can remember exactly two (2) grocery items, as long as my wife isn't too fussy about getting both of them.

If she wants more than two things, she has to text me so I can look 'em up on the phone. Back in the day (1999-ish) when text messages were still fairly new (at least to me), I used to impress all the matrons in the grocery aisles with my tech-savvy ways.

Either that or I call her every couple of minutes, so she can enjoy my virtual progress through the store.

"OK, I'm in the produce area now -- what did you say you wanted? Oh, that's right, bananas. Great. I'll call you back from the cereal aisle."

Frequent calls home from the grocery store have the added bonus that you can, with a discreet ear bud, appear to be having a conversation with a can of peas.

Nowadays we have (mostly) solved that problem, by cleverly living 1/2 mile from the grocery store. In the month of April, we discovered that we visited the local grocer almost every day, and more than once on some days. It's a far cry from the days when the nearest grocery store was 45 minutes away.