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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dream Ticket: Cook and Cowell


Dial. Rinse. Repeat.

David Archuletta sang us a little Billy Joel "And So It Goes." I love the Irish ballad effect. Given his age and stature, it would've been even MORE impactful if he'd worn his leprechaun outfit. Because I respect my elders, I shall avoid making any disparaging comments about the mustache on the mayor of David's hometown that we met in the video, after all, I'm sure it's been grown as a very selfless act in order to provide a roosting place for homeless birds of prey. Not going to mock it.

For his second song, he sang what I categorize as "one o' dem teeny-bopper songs," and I'm not qualified to judge this new-fangled stuff. Then he sang "Longer" (as in "longer than there've been stars up in the heavens"), and I felt like he should've worn a cardigan and sansabelt pants. I guess he's got a wide range of song styles, but it really doesn't even matter how he does, because I'm voting for the other David. Seriously, the Hand of God could inscribe "Archuletta" in blood on my living room wall and flood our home with a choir of angels singing Handel's "Archuletta Chorus" and I'd still vote for Cook. Call me evil, I guess.

Syesha, who I thought should have gone home weeks ago, is peaking at the right time, so I'm going to acknowledge that she's talented enough to have earned the right to still be here in the top 3. Good for her.
She sang a few songs, danced provocatively with a chair, sparkled in sequins, and smiled.

But most importantly, she got off the stage to make room for David Cook.

First, he sang Simon's choice of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and I almost exploded with excitement. How awesome to pick a totally unexpected and uncharacteristic song! Ever since he made me love "Billie Jean," I've been waiting for the next big surprise. He rocked it, and he rocked the next one (by Switchfoot) and the third one too, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thang" (with about twenty-leven violinists on chairs from the band room).

I've had an incredibly difficult time typing this up because I've had to stop several times in order to call 1-866-IDOLS-03. And if you're reading this Tuesday night, stop reading right now and dial it with me.

I'll wait for you while you dial.
In fact, I'm going to go find a block of cheese or two, so you have a couple minutes to call 10 or 20 times while I hit the kitchen.

(Musical interlude while I get cheese and while you dial. So help me, if you're not calling RIGHT now, I'm going to stay in the kitchen longer and make you wait.)

Fine. Be that way. Don't call.
I type my thumbs to the bone on my Blackberry every Tuesday night. The least you could do is call and vote for David Cook for me since every time I've tried to call from MY house, it's been busy. I guess that's a good sign, though.

Going home?
Syesha, I'm guessing.

The highlight of the night was Roberta Flack's song. Not necessarily David C. singing it (even though it was great). I just love that giddy moment when we heard that Simon picked that song. I know Simon is simply a genius, and he proved it once more tonight.

I swear I'm not drunk.
In conclusion, I'm sorry for this spastic, incoherent post. I've been gone from the blogworld for about a week, and I think I probably should have had a warm-up post to prepare me for tonight, and maybe a couple gallons of coffee. Thanks for hangin' in there anyway and reading this far down.

Any guesses?
I'll sleep and then fill you in later on my new (but temporary) obsession that's kept me away recently. Any guesses what it's been?


Chris said...


Where the heck have you been!? I've been inappropriately hounding your blog waiting for your newest post. Am I needy? What is your newest time-consuming craze?

Re tonights AI: for the first time all season, I voted. Yes, I voted. Not only that, but I voted for DC. Not DA. Not Syesha. The one and only Cookster. And, given that I'm traveling and currently in Chicago (where DC has no major ties), I was able to vote multiple times (3, 6 and 9) for him from my hotel phone. Boy, my expense report is going to look funny if all of these 800# calls show up on my bill tomorrow morning!

Welcome back. Please don't take a week long sabatical again. Just because I've blogged once in the past 2 weeks doesn't give you the right to!


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I keep dialing. It's always busy. I'll stay on it. You eat some more cheese.

Tammy said...

Phew, I've been worried about your disappearance in blog world. I hope you have been busy leading hundreds of people to the Lord. Or serving your family in some worthwhile way-- like making 100 lasagnas or sneaking your wives college friends up for dinner.

Anywhoo, back to David Cook rocks American Idol!! I'm with ya'. Now back to VOTE to 5703.

Pajama Mama said...

We voted already!! Sheesh.

But we voted for Syesha, too.

Ruthie said...

Have you been reading (and loving) every one of Prodigal Jon's posts on the Stuff Christians Like blog like I have been? Because a person could spend a lot of time doing that instead of other things....

I have to agree with you about DC tonight.

Anonymous said...

I am no blogger, but a lurker who found you through Boo Mama. You absolutely crack me up! I was reading your idol recap to my teenage kids a couple of weeks ago.Keep up the good work. I'll be back.
Leslie in Az

Christy said...

Why, oh why, couldn't you have gotten this post up sooner? I wrote the number down wrong like the totally unhip person my kids think I am. So the cheese break didn't work for me.

Anyway, I have no idea what this obsession would be, but I hope you don't drag me into it - I'm kind of welcoming the end of Idol so my blog is not littered with it.

And, you have almost perfect taste - David C's first song was delicious - but I think better than the original, which puts me to sleep zzzz.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Because of you and the wifey, I'm turning in my AI writer's badge and just linking to y'all.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

you continue to crack. me. up.

Kritter Krit said...

I agree with Huse Blog. I couldn't possibly have written anything better than that. (And I think awfully darn highly of my AI write-ups. Tee-hee, just kidding.) I think I'll just link to you too. Sometime tomorrow. Not at 12:16 in the am, which is when I'm currently composing this little snippet of brilliance.

Your Syesha critique cracked me up. As did your Little David comments. Heck, it was all pretty hee haw!

Hope you didn't OD on the cheese. If you did, fear not. You can jump on over to my blog and learn how to be back in working order for next week's finale. (Ironically, I posted the cheese antidote this morning.)

No pressure, but, can't wait to read your next one!

Anonymous said...

K, I'm delurking now... And don't worry! I voted for my secret boyfriend David Cook 22 times!!
Cook is Cookin!!!

ttelroc said...

I stumbled onto your blog this morning - long after Idol aired last night - but I'm with you 100%. David Cook is excellent & rocked with the song choice from Simon (as I knew he woud!)

I may have to go back and read some of your other AI posts - I had to stifle my laughs moments ago, so maybe I should wait until everyone is awake so I can laugh out loud!

Have a great day!

rachel said...

i'll have to search for david's performance of roberta flack. i LOVE that song. my parents had it sung at their wedding too.

DidiLyn said...

My husband and I are arguing about who is going to win. His pick? Tiny David. (Are you KIDDING me??) Mine is the heir apparent: David Cook. Thanks for backing me up.
What kind of cheese, btw?

Tamara said...

Oh, now see? I go and try to emulate your brief and hilarious posts, then you rev it up with a sparkling piece of prose.

Love your reviews. They're much more interesting than the show has been!

And I guess I had the # wrong too...I thought he was 09. It doesn't matter, though, because I never could get through.

Tamara said...

Oh, I am such a dork...I thought I was on Cindy's blog...she's the one with the short posts! But you're both too funny!