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Monday, May 5, 2008

I Verb Your Noun...Adverb-ly!

In order to write Tuesday night's American Idol post, I'd like to solicit a little help from some of you out there.

I'm sure many of you have played "Mad Libs," that crazy game where you supply various nouns, verbs, adjectives and dangling participles to create stories that are slap-your-grandma funny. Actually, the ones my friends and I did as kids always turned out pretty predictable. For nouns, we inevitably used words like poop and spleen. Adjectives were similarly gross or bloody. I won't even tell you about the verbs.

Since bloggers are mature and respectable, I'm sure I'm safe asking for your input. Pick one or more numbers and supply me with me with the necessary word(s). You can simply write the list number and the word and leave it at that if you're pressed for time, but you're also welcome to say howdy and tell me about the weather in your neck of the woods or your political opinions on things if you're in a more leisurely mood.

Here's what my Mad Lib is in desperate need of:
(The spots remaining to be filled are in bold.
Update: All the spots have now been filled. All that's left to do is wait patiently for my A.I. Madlib!)

1. Adjective: Strong
2. Noun: Canary
3. Noun (plural): Superheros
4. Verb ending in -ing: Sauteeing
5. Adverb (that's one of those -ly words usually): Strangely
6. Adjective: pernicious
7. Verb: Punch
8. Color: Burnt Sienna
9. Noun: Elephant saddle
10. Adverb: Counterintuitively
11. Animal: 3-toed sloth
12. Adjective: portly
13. Person's name: Ethel Merman
14. Verb: skulk
15. Adjective: Good
16. Adverb: Nicely
17. Place: The Taj Mahal
18. Food: Deviled Eggs
19. Exclamation!: Gesundheit!
20: Color: purple
21: Animal: Giraffe
22. Adjective: Superfluous
23. Adjective: Picturesque
24. Verb: Flaunt

I can't wait to run how languidly purple my next post will be with your donkey.


FabTheMayor said...

Oh, mercy me, you have so much extra time on your hands! Can't wait to read it!

Scott said...

Here's a couple from my daughters to break the ice:

1. Adjective: Short
2. Noun: Canary

the hungarian said...

I don't have the brain power for this at 8:30pm, just stopping by to say if you are in houston, you must meet my husband. We have 3 girls, and I stumbled across your blog to see if there is intelligent life out there among those who parent girls! We are stuck in a world of comments, laughter, and general ridicule in my husband's direction at the mention that we have 3 girls. How do you do it (and not punch someone in the process)? oh, my verb is "punch" okay?

Oliver said...

I love Mad Libs! How about
18. Deviled Eggs
19. Gesundheit!

I can't wait to see where this is going. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You have an awesome sense of humor!

hulagirlatheart said...

13. Ethel Mermen

Tammy said...

Animal: Three toed sloth
Color: Burnt Sienna

Oh how I LOVE Mad-Libs. Somehow my kids are just not into them yet. However, my little sister and I can laugh ourselves silly over them. Except for laughing that hard at our age can cause problems!

Jenny said...

8. purple
11. giraffe
I love mad-libs. I can hardly wait to read your AI post tomorrow!

Jodi said...

In honor of Angela on "The Office" (who had her baby girl in 'real life' on Saturday):
15. good
16. nicely

Angela said...

17. the Taj Mahal

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

3. superheros
4. sauteeing
5. strangely

Tina in Thailand said...

How about
9. Elephant saddle (they exist, I have been in one.)
10. Counterintuitively

Our neck of the woods are drying out after storm fallout from the cyclone in Burma. Was nice to see the hot sun again today, finally got my laundry to dry!
Can't wait to see what comes out of this random bunch of words.

rachel said...

Adjective: pernicious
Adjective: portly
Verb: skulk

Tracie said...

Adjective: surperfluous

Scott said...

All the blanks are now filled in.

If you leave any more suggestions, there is no guarantee they will fill my post, but we can at least still be in awe of your vocabulary.

Ronnica said...

I think that you stole this idea from me (though I wasn't going to do it about AI). Even though I thought about it after you posted this. And maybe we both got it from last week's episode of The Office.