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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like A Butterfly, A Wild Butterfly

Anybody remember that song from the 80's, "Obsession?"

I have had an obsession for the last week (not with the s*xual undertones that the previously mentioned song's lyrics imply, mind you). A few people have noted my absence from Cyberinternetoblogoland, and I must say that your cards and well wishes have been quite warming. Thank you. Flowers would've been nice, too, but you just save your money for gas; you're gonna need it.

So what have I been doing for the last week that has kept me from playing with you at recess?

Has it been a new TV show that has sucked me in with a force comparable to that of one of those vacuum cleaners that can hold up a bowling ball? No. Still watching the same old shows like "American Idol" and "Battlestar Galactica." We also enjoy the comedy of "Samantha Who?" because it's cleverly different. But nothing new...yet.

Has it been a new hobby like knitting or glass-blowing? No. I'm pathetic enough at my old hobbies. I don't want to dilute my patheticness further by spreading it even thinner.

Am I keeping a second wife and family in another city where I fly frequently in my double life as an airline pilot? Not quite. I'm flattered that you think I'm such a great husband and father that I have enough to share with a second family, or than I'm smart enough to learn to fly. I DID fly an airplane once though a couple of years ago. At least I got to sit in the cockpit and panic like a baby because I knew we were going to tumble from the sky...even though there was a copilot and the autopilot was on.

Well, if it's not a new TV show, and you're not knitting, and you're not a polygamist/pilot, then clearly you must be spending your spare time online searching for the perfect puppy for your family.
Ding ding ding ding ding. We have a winner.

It's true. Ever since our children found out that people with dog allergies can still own certain dogs, we've been forced to consider the prospect of pet ownership. So for the past week, I've been investigating and hunting and emailing breeders and studying books. It really has become an obsession. After all, some really neat dogs are reserved from the breeders even before they're born, so if we're going to find the God-ordained pup for us, we better get psychotic about it, right?

Here's my progress thus far: the specific breeds we're considering are Yorkies and some Yorkie mixes like Yorkie/Poodle (Yorkiepoo) and Yorkie/Maltese (Yorktese or Morkie). And now after a week-long immersion in Yorkie studies, the next step is to find some examples of these dogs and lick their fur, slather their saliva on our food and insert a lock of their hair into our nostrils. If those experiments don't throw us into anaphylactic shock, we may soon own a dog.

Just to make it interesting, we're considering getting a puppy as soon as it's legally old enough to part from mommy (8 weeks?). The whole challenge of potty-training and teaching a puppy seems thrilling. Plus, we've recently developed a hole in the arm of our couch, so why not get a puppy to finish it off?

If any of you have experience with Yorkies, Yorkiepoos or Morkies, let me know your insights. Additionally, if any of you have a brother-in-law's coworker's friend's aunt's nail tech who breeds dogs like these, feel free to hook me up.


Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

OMG. I am, like, so excited!

Your wife loves me, by the way.

My puppies, also known as "cutest puppies in the entire world," are Maltese / Yorkies. And I l-o-v-e them.

I got them when they were puppies, and I think that really helped them attach to me. They love being in small spaces (I think it helps them feel protected) so I actually let them sleep in a very tall laundry basket for the first few weeks of their lives. It was rather precious.

Okay, I have one really BIG tip, but I don't think you're going to like it. Oh well, I'm going to tell you anyways: I say get two puppies, preferably brothers or sisters. They keep each other company. And they're just so happy together.

kat said...

i think this is a FABULOUS idea, not to mention that the perils of raising a puppy lends a hand to MANY a great blog post. {you don't have CARPETING, do you?} as an aside, and simply because i'm jealous you thought to get a yorkie before i did, dachshunds are easy on the allergies as well, and are surprisingly kid friendly. both breeds have little mans' complex.. both get grouchy as they age. but then, so have i. i guess what it REALLY comes down to is accesories, an entirely important consideration in a house full of women. with yorkies, you can put bows in their hair. with a dachshund you're limited to ascots and bandanas. either way, i say good luck... my husband is here for you the day one of them suggests buying a *purse* to haul "rambo" in.

Emily said...

Whats up w/ the yorkie-poo? How about a straight up Yorkie. They're the cutest little dogs out there.
Or a shitzu. They're very, very friendly, which Yorkies aren't always that way.

My .02.

rthling said...

Oh, Scott! This is so exciting! Right now I am working to save a Yorkie pup who was born with a cleft palate. You should hop over to my blog and read all I've written about him, beginning with "Zaccheus IS a wee little man."
We have two Yorkies bred by my sister. They are sister dogs from litters one and two. This newest addition is from litter three. I had plans for him, but they fell through. I thought for a minute that we might keep him, but my husband isn't on the same page about it. (can't blame him, two dogs is plenty.) Do you need Zaccheus in YOUR family??? If not, she has one more male to sell. Feel free to email me.

rthling said...

Oh, and click on There's a Circus In My Brain.

javamamma said...

The challenge of potty training a puppy seems thrilling?!?! You are more psyco than I once thought. Sheesh. :)

Kritter Krit said...

Oh my gosh, you make me SNORT. I always have to read your posts in private, because the hysterics I go into is not a pretty sight.

My three-year old is dying for a pet! The requests so far (after I told her a dog or cat would send me into a mad hivey scramble for the epi pen) have been: a hamster (ick), a turtle (ick), a fish (that nasty water with all the floaties in it), and a snake! (just kill me now - no friggin' WAY!).

Poor child. Yesterday she was out in the yard cuddling a roly poly and an earthworm, calling them her "best friends".


We may have to cave too.

Annette said...

You forgot Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers in your search process. We specifically got our dog because a) she doesn't shed and since I don't like to vacuum, this is helpful, b) she is a dog that people with allergies can own, and c) she is a good family dog. She is a tad bigger than a Yorkie (30 lb, medium size dog), but extremely lovable. And, if you love to have your ears licked clean, your face licked clean and your back licked clean as Nick does, this is also an asset.

Jodi@homegrownhearts.com said...

We have a Shih-Poo (or a Poo-Tzu, if you like it the other way around). Half Poodle and half Shih Tzu. He is supposedly anti-allergenic thanks to his poodle mom, but we don't have pet allergies so we haven't put it to a test. He looks like a shih tzu and has kind of a poodle attitude. He's a little guy - 9 lbs. as an adult. If you want to see where we got him, here is their website: http://www.mixedbreedpups.com/
They have a lot of helpful information and adorable pics of puppies at all different ages. We drove up to Minneapolis to get our puppy but they will ship by air, also.

Remember to figure in grooming costs or have a willingness to groom yourself. After a traumatic grooming experience, I've been cutting his hair myself and it hasn't been too bad. I think the key is to make sure they have a lot of interaction - puppy kindergarten is great!

So there's my two cents for whatever good that does you. I live mixed breed pups. :-) I love the Yorkie mixes, too. We had Shih Tzus before and my husband and I both had had a poodle as kids so that's why we went that direction (and we're glad we did, we love our little guy). :-)

Jennifer Raack said...

One of my friends has a Yorkie Poo that is absolutely adorable and very sweet tempered so, when we found out five years ago that our dog had cancer, we decided we would get a Yorkie Poo as soon as our dog passed on.

FIVE YEARS later our dog is still going strong, rubbing her poop bottom across my carpet and barfing on the floor....it's such great fun!....I'm kidding, she's been a great dog and I'm sure when I get old, I'll have my own poop and barf problems.

Anyway, back to the point, I did a lot of research on Yorkie Poos and found out that you want to make sure you purchase from a reputable breeder (even if that means you have to pay more). The pup should have already had it's first shots at the time of purchase and should have a money back guarantee (so you can take it to the vet to be checked out for any unforseen illnesses).

I hope you find the perfect puppy and "enjoy" your potty training adventures. I'm sure it will make for some interesting posts!

Iris Flavia said...

Ding ding ding ding ding :-)
Very well written LOL. So you give up earning some extra money as a pilot? What does your other family think about that, huh?!

Good luck on the dog!

Mr. E said...

I love that 80's song. To bad it's all about...well you know. I too am struggling to find topics to write about. We are looking for a kitten though.