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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Right Again

I'm never right. Well, that's not entirely true. I WAS right one time in college. Cindy acknowledged her wrongness and my rightness. We were in my car, and I commemorated the moment that I was right about something by writing down the date and event and sticking it in the sun visor for future reference.

[***American Idol spoiler alert***]

Now I am right a second time. I picked David Cook a long time ago as the super-coolest-winner-to-be for American Idol season 7. The season finale was less cheesy than most previous season's finales, so I want to give props to the folks at Fox for improving and limiting the lame-ness. It's still weird to have group songs, but well-matched duets like Michael and Carly are smart smart smart. And even Brooke with Mr. Nash (minus Crosby and Stills) was a good match.

I thought it was an interesting choice when it was announced that David Cook was singing with D.C. Talk (couldn't quite picture it). But then we realized it was Z.Z. Top. Cool.

Congratulation to David Cook. It feels good to be right. I've done a lousy job pickinig previous winners.
I'm going to jot this moment down and stick in my sun visor.

Check back with me in another 16 years when I'm right again about something.


Tracie said...

Wow, we're not the only ones that thought they said "DC Talk".

Our family was on it's feet at the big announcement.

Daily Mish Mash said...

I loved the Carly and Michael Johns duet. I thought it was the best part of the whole show. Congrats on picking the winner!

javamamma said...

I missed it again. And my kids couldn't even fill me in because the satellite went out. Darn. Yay for David Cook!

Jennifer Raack said...

I was screaming at the TV when they announced that DC was the winner..."In your face Simon!!!"

I thought the duet with Michael and Carly was AWESOME! I honestly picked Michael as the winner a long time ago and was completely shocked when he was voted off.

But, David Cook was my second choice so I was excited by his triumph last night!

Christy said...

Another laugh our loud moment reading your post. My daughter said she never saw me move so fast as when I jumped out of my seat at hearing "Cook". Same with my 73 year old father and my 68 year old mother. We've been David Cook fans for quite awhile. He had us at "Hello". Sorry, couldn't resist.

40winkzzz said...

Yup, most husbands are right at *some* point in their lives. Mine predicted that Archie would win due to the teeny-bopper factor, but we're all glad he was wrong about that.

I loved David with ZZ Top. And David with his mom. And David without pants playing Guitar Hero. Didn't like Kerry Underwood without pants singing Some Song I Paid No Attention To. Hated George Michael. Loved Brooke & Graham and Carly & Michael.

Gotta go- my hubby just walked in and making a futile attempt at being right about something. I suppose I had better pay attention.

strawberry rose said...

I was excited too about DC Talk until hubs clarified "ZZ TOP." DC Talk would have been cool. Also loved the Carly Michael duet.

Big Doofus said...

Round, round
A-rou-a-round round
You're spinnin' round!

In case you're wondering, that's from the first DC Talk "tape" that I used to own back when I saw them at Youth For Christ's DC '88.